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Japanese researchers study carbon nanotubes with drug delivery applications

Scientists at Japan's Kyushu University claim to have developed a technique for dispersing carbon nanotubes made of graphene while preserving their desirable properties like conductivity, durability and length.

Developer of viral vectors for anticancer gene therapy files for $70M IPO

MultiVir, a developer of viral vectors to deliver anticancer gene therapy, just filed for a $70 million IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission as it seeks funding for clinical trials of its Phase I/II lead candidates for colorectal cancer and head and neck cancer, and to take the first FDA-approved gene therapy to the market.

Genisphere boasts preclinical success of 3DNA platform for cataract complications

Pennsylvania nanotech company Genisphere announced this week that in preclinical studies its 3DNA platform has successfully treated a cataract surgery complication called posterior capsular opacification.

Researchers convert microbubbles to even smaller nanobubbles using ultrasound

A team of researchers is developing a new form of microbubble delivery, deploying ultrasound to implode the bubbles into several smaller nanobubbles that can cross biological barriers due to their size and release the payloads within the target area.

Bacteria deliver molecule to gut to suppress hunger and ward off weight gain

To transport a hunger-suppressing molecule to the gut as a treatment for obesity, researchers at Vanderbilt University have put bacteria to work. The bacteria become lodged in the digestive system and release the lipid for up to a year at a time, altering the gut microbiome to stave off weight-related problems like diabetes and heart disease.