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Polymer microneedles embedded with cancer drugs degrade to treat skin carcinomas

Microneedle patches have long been seen as a potential alternative to needles to treat, for instance, diabetes, eye conditions or cancer. Producing the tiny needles, though, is difficult and costly. But a team of scientists from the University of Akron and the University of Texas has now developed a technique for manufacturing the transdermal arrays using a process called microstereolithography.

Genisphere snags $4M to move its 3DNA platform into the clinic

Pennsylvania startup Genisphere locked down a $4 million investment to expand its DNA-based drug delivery platform, looking to finish the preclinical process and license the technology to pharma partners.

GSK obtains rights to inhaled nanoparticles made using Liquidia's PRINT platform

GlaxoSmithKline now has rights to develop inhaled therapeutics using Liquidia's PRINT particle engineering technology. The development builds on a drug delivery alliance between the two companies that commenced in 2012.

Novel catheter designed for rectal drug delivery wins CE mark

Hospi announced CE-mark approval for its flagship Macy Catheter, the only device on the market that's designed specifically for rectal delivery of fluids and medications.

Precision NanoSystems raises $13.4M to support its nanoparticle tech

Precision NanoSystems completed a $13.4 million Series A round to back its NanoAssemblr platform for the targeted delivery of nanoparticles and diagnostic agents.


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Valeant may be raising prices on several of its drugs--but the benefits it reaps from some of those pricing moves are small, it insists.


Specialty pharma OptiNose hopes to use a new up to $30 million in financing to get its OPN-375 in combination with its novel breath-powered device through the FDA. But the agency already demonstrated some skepticism around the device last year--it issued a complete response letter to OptiNose partner Avanir because of device errors and required further testing.