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Depomed acquires pain candidate for $25M as it fends off Horizon's hostile takeover

Depomed agreed to pay $25 million to get its hands on a late-stage pain treatment from Germany's Grünenthal dubbed Cebranopadol.

AstraZeneca begins dosing in trial of its Bind-partnered cancer candidate

Cambridge, MA's Bind Therapeutics announced that patient administration of its Accurins nanoparticles has commenced in the trial of an AstraZeneca cancer candidate. Under the terms of the 2013 partnership with the Big Pharma, Bind earns a milestone payment of $4 million.

Nanosubmarines with light-driven motors are 'fastest-moving molecules in solution'

Researchers at Rice University claim to have invented the "fastest-moving molecules ever seen in solution," developing a molecular machine that propels itself using ultraviolet light. Just a proof of concept for now, the tiny submersibles could potentially carry drugs in the future.

Pills loaded with mucoadhesive patches could make oral insulin a reality

Pills and patches are two drug delivery methods many patients would prefer to needles, especially when it comes to the number of injections a diabetic needs throughout the day. And now, researchers at UC Santa Barbara have combined the two to deliver insulin effectively across the intestinal wall into the blood, which could help overcome the difficulties in developing oral insulin.

J&J leads $24M financing into maker of OTC 'liquid shots' for common ailments

Johnson & Johnson's venture arm just led a $24 million Series C financing of First Aid Shot Therapy, the maker of over-the-counter 40-ml "liquid shots" for relief of pain, colds, heartburn and hangovers.


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