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Arrowhead submits IND for its RNAi-based hep B candidate

Arrowhead Research Corporation is looking to add another entrant into the clinical trial-based race to commercialize the first RNAi-based compound, a market category that could become a new class of drugs akin to monoclonal antibodies and produce revenues exceeding $1 billion by 2020 according to one projection. The company recently announced that it has submitted its Investigational New Drug application for its RNAi candidate, ARC-520, for the treatment of the chronic hepatitis B virus.

Study: Patients don't know how to use drug delivery devices

The evidence is clear: Patients don't properly use drug delivery devices like inhalers or epinephrine autoinjectors--such as Mylan's EpiPen.

Molecular 'hats' disguise peptides until activated with UV light at a target

Researchers have found a way to sneak peptides past the immune system by fitting them with cages that cover binding sites on the proteins like a hat. These prevent the binding sites from revealing the peptides' true nature as something from the outside.

Sanofi's newly approved intradermal quadrivalent Fluzone forgoes the shot

The FDA approved Sanofi's Fluzone Intradermal Quadrivalent in adults age 18 through 64.

Researchers form startup to commercialize drug delivering magnets

Researchers at the University of Maryland and Bethesda, MD-based Weinberg Medical Physics have created a startup called Iron Focus Medical that attempts to build on their prior research to commercialize a novel drug delivery system.


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