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IPOs: EyeGate tries again following deal with Valeant, Parkinson's specialist to debut soon

Israeli Parkinson's specialist Intec Pharma and drug delivery device maker EyeGate aim to debut on the Nasdaq this week for a combined $51 million.

Germany's leon-nanodrugs GmbH bags $20M for its reformulation platform

Germany's leon-nanodrugs GmbH announced the closure of its €18.5 ($20.4 million) Series A preferred stock offering. The company develops oral and parenteral reformulations of generic active pharmaceutical ingredients using its patented MJR nanotechnology platform.

ASU team offers precise DNA origami technique with novel shapes and delivery potential

Folding DNA into new, functional shapes isn't a new technique, but researchers at Arizona State University have demonstrated novel design methods that allow them an amount of control over the genetic substance never seen before, creating new three-dimensional shapes that could ultimately be used in drug delivery.

Alnylam launches trial of one of its RNAi candidates

RNAi specialist Alnylam initiated Phase I/II trials of its candidate to treat AAT deficiency-associated liver disease (alpha-1 liver disease).

Minimally invasive brain probe uses light flashes to target drugs

Researchers at Washington University iin St. Louis and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have overcome a common problem in drug delivery to the brain, which is to get the therapies to target certain brain circuits without accidentally affecting other parts of the brain or body.


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There's been lots of hullaballoo surrounding Sanofi and MannKind's launch of inhaled insulin Afrezza, but for the arrival of the pair's first DTC campaign? Not so much.


When India's Wockhardt acknowledged recently it was pulling all of the drugs still on the market that it had shipped before the FDA banned two of its plants, it didn't say what those numbers might add up to. Try more than 180 million bottles, cartons and pouches.