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Delivery guru Robert Langer discusses nanomeds, up-and-coming ventures, new frontiers

FierceDrugDelivery spoke with the prolific drug delivery expert about the field's future, regarding nanotechnology in particular, as well as some of the projects Langer's lab and various business ventures are undertaking currently to make next-gen nanomedicine a reality.

Nanotech promises new frontier as FDA decides how to regulate

Nanotechnology represents a frontier in the delivery of cancer drugs, autoimmune treatments and genetic silencers, among others. And the FDA aims to make sure that promising new frontier doesn't become a regulatory Wild West.

ClearPoint MRI-guided device sheds light on drug delivery to the brain

This week, Tocagen began enrolling patients in a Phase I trial in which its Toca 511 cancer drug is delivered using a visually guided device called ClearPoint, the first such device of its kind, that allows for a more concentrated delivery, increasing the drug's effectiveness as much as threefold.

BIND Biosciences strives for 'revolutionary' nanomedicine

When it comes to drug delivery, it's hard these days to overlook the buzzing field of nanoengineering. Highly targeted nanoparticles are on the cutting edge of the growing field, and according to BIND Biosciences' Jeff Hrkach, there are big things in store for the tiny drug carriers.

Happy Holidays, and here's to a well-delivered 2013!

FierceDrugDelivery will be taking a brief break over the holidays, but we will be back Jan. 2.

pSivida--focusing on delivery to the eye

As people live longer, and as global demographics shift toward an older population, age-related eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration are increasing. The blood-eye barrier is very effective--this is useful in health, protecting such a sensitive organ, but an obstacle in disease as it makes it very hard to get drugs inside the eye. Because of these two factors, it is hardly surprising that companies such as pSivida ($PSDV) are focusing on ocular delivery.

Top 5 Insulin-Delivery Techs To Watch

With hundreds of millions of diabetes patients around the globe, the market for insulin delivery is vast and, according to the National Institutes of Health and others, ever-expanding. Couple that with healthcare reforms in the developing world that are bringing treatment to underserved populations, and it's no surprise that biotechs and drug delivery firms are turning their eyes to insulin as a possible cash cow.

Australia jumps into life sciences fray with R&D tax credit

You've heard about China and India becoming increasingly significant locales in the Asia-Pacific region for conducting biotechnology research and drug development. Australia, not so much.

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