Depomed acquires pain candidate for $25M as it fends off Horizon's hostile takeover

Depomed agreed to pay $25 million to get its hands on a late-stage pain treatment from Germany's Grünenthal dubbed Cebranopadol.

AstraZeneca begins dosing in trial of its Bind-partnered cancer candidate

Cambridge, MA's Bind Therapeutics announced that patient administration of its Accurins nanoparticles has commenced in the trial of an AstraZeneca cancer candidate. Under the terms of the 2013 partnership with the Big Pharma, Bind earns a milestone payment of $4 million.

Nanosubmarines with light-driven motors are 'fastest-moving molecules in solution'

Researchers at Rice University claim to have invented the "fastest-moving molecules ever seen in solution," developing a molecular machine that propels itself using ultraviolet light. Just a proof of concept for now, the tiny submersibles could potentially carry drugs in the future.

Pills loaded with mucoadhesive patches could make oral insulin a reality

Pills and patches are two drug delivery methods many patients would prefer to needles, especially when it comes to the number of injections a diabetic needs throughout the day. And now, researchers at UC Santa Barbara have combined the two to deliver insulin effectively across the intestinal wall into the blood, which could help overcome the difficulties in developing oral insulin.

J&J leads $24M financing into maker of OTC 'liquid shots' for common ailments

Johnson & Johnson's venture arm just led a $24 million Series C financing of First Aid Shot Therapy, the maker of over-the-counter 40-ml "liquid shots" for relief of pain, colds, heartburn and hangovers.

Adapt Pharma earns FDA approval of first intranasal spray for emergency opioid overdose

Adapt Pharma's Narcan nasal spray became the first noninjectable treatment for opioid overdose emergencies thanks to its FDA approval on Nov. 19.

Egalet announces patent for its abuse-deterrence platform

Egalet announced that its Guardian abuse-deterrence and drug delivery platform has been granted an additional patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Avedro bags $32M in financing to expand use of its drug delivering ophthalmology platform

Waltham, MA's Avedro announced that it has raised $32 million in financing to expand global distribution of its KXL corneal cross-linking platform for the delivery of drops of riboflavin into the eye of patients suffering from vision impairment due to keratoconus.

NC State team: Gold nanoparticles can control the shape of DNA, RNA

DNA and RNA hold a supercomputer's worth of information in a very small space in the nucleus of a cell. And how they are packed so tightly in such a tight volume can offer new ways to pack the material in synthetic capsules for the delivery of genetics-based therapeutics, researchers at North Carolina State University have said.

Swiss scientists take a look inside 'cubosomes' for drug delivery potential

Swiss researchers have studied the three-dimensional structure of "cubosomes," which are naturally occurring collections of cube-shaped fat molecules; and with that new knowledge, they have inched closer to using these capsules to deliver drugs and nutrients.

RetroSense bags $6M in funding for its viral vector gene therapy candidate for a rare eye condition

Ann Arbor, MI's RetroSense Therapeutics announced a $6 million Series B funding round to fund a Phase I/II study of its gene therapy candidate for vision restoration, as well as a "a second promising gene therapy candidate." The financing brings its total haul to $13 million, including a $7 million Series A round completed earlier this year.

Zinc oxide nanopyramids show promise at preventing medical implant infections

Experiments show that zinc oxide nanopyramids have the potential to become an antibacterial coating for implants like artificial joints, researchers at the University of Michigan say. Zinc oxide is a common ingredient in sunscreen, but in order to work as an effective antibiotic when placed on an implant, the team needed to modify their drug delivery.

Canadian doctor opens blood-brain barrier using focused ultrasound

Dr. Todd Mainprize of Toronto's Sunnybrook Hospital says he has accomplished something that has never been done before: open the blood-brain barrier using focused ultrasound, an achievement that enables treatment of a variety of neurological conditions.

UCLA researchers use drug delivery to improve treatment of bioterrorism agent

Researchers at UCLA's California NanoSystems Institute have developed a nanoparticle delivery system that improves an antibiotic's ability to combat the bacteria Francisella tularensis.

Injectable HIV regimen being developed by J&J and ViiV Healthcare shows promise in trials

Johnson & Johnson's Janssen announced that a Phase IIb study of a combination regimen of two investigational long-acting injectable HIV drugs found that the therapy performed similarly to a regimen consisting of three oral medications.

Ebola study will monitor viral entry into cells, with focus on drug delivery

Researchers from the University at Buffalo in New York have won an award from the National Science Foundation to study the way ebolavirus enters cells, potentially shedding light on delivery methods for treatment of the infection.

GSK beats AstraZeneca to finish line, wins FDA approval of first anti-IL-5 injectable for asthma

GlaxoSmithKline secured FDA approval for Nucala, an injectable treatment for asthma, a therapeutic dominated by inhaled drugs. Still, the alternative form of drug delivery for respiratory conditions has the potential to reach sales of $7 billion a year, according to analysts.

Physicians call for novel abuse-deterrent opioid agonist/antagonist formulations in survey

A survey of more than physicians found that 31% think opioid antagonists is the abuse-deterrent formulation that is most needed to combat the opioid abuse epidemic--an issue that's been implicated in the startling rise of the death rate of middle-aged white Americans without a college degree.

Amgen's Imlygic becomes first re-engineered virus to earn FDA approval as a cancer fighter

Amgen's Imlygic became the first genetically modified oncolytic viral therapy to earn FDA approval.

Investigational drug enables faster absorption of bioresorbable drug-eluting stents

Everolimus has eclipsed paclitaxcel as the drug of choice in drug-eluting stents, which are a definitive advance over bare metal stents. But is that the optimal drug for the new class of stents? Perhaps the right choice is under development by nonprofit contract research organization CBSET of Lexington, MA. They're testing a sirolimus analog called corolimus.