With rejection, FDA says Durect's pain treatment Posidur needs further safety studies

Durect suffered a regulatory setback with the FDA rejection of its Posidur treatment for postoperative pain.

Nasal vaccine delivery conquers West Nile virus in fewer doses

Researchers have shown in early tests that a nasal vaccine for West Nile virus is effective in mice after two doses as opposed to the traditional three for other vaccines. Currently, no vaccine for the disease is available for humans, despite its recent spread in the U.S. and Canada.

Alnylam, MIT team develops RNA-delivering nanoparticles for the liver

Scientists from Alnylam teamed with MIT researchers to develop a new nanoparticle platform with which to better deliver the genetic material to the liver. With MIT professor Robert Langer as one of its authors, the team published a paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences highlighting its particles, which are inspired by the vehicles the body uses to transport cholesterol.

BioDelivery looks for $60M offering to boost addiction film, pain gel

BioDelivery Sciences is looking at a possible $60 million boost to programs in its lineup including the launch of its opioid dependence film Bunavail and continue on the approval path for its pain gel for diabetic neuropathy.

To fight muscular dystrophy, nanoparticles target cells that choke themselves with waste

Patients with muscular dystrophy suffer from the dysfunction of the gene that produces dystrophin, which is a protein that maintains muscle cells' performance. And a team of researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has found that another factor might also play a role in the weakened muscles: The cells aren't properly recycling their waste.

CalTech: Antibody carriers grant HIV protection across mucosal membranes

Building off research they performed in 2011, scientists at the California Institute of Technology showed that they can use an antibody delivery method to combat HIV across mucosal surfaces. The technique could help prevent vaginal transmission of the virus in humans, according to a university report.

Sonrgy grabs rights to UCSD-created ultrasound-nanocarrier tech

San Diego drug delivery company Sonrgy snagged exclusive rights to an ultrasound-based nanotech delivery platform conceived at the University of California, San Diego.

Pfizer snags electroporation device license from Ichor for cancer vaccine delivery

For an undisclosed amount, Pfizer signed a deal to use the San Diego company's TriGrid intramuscular electroporation system, which creates temporary pores in cell membranes, allowing vaccines to become more thoroughly entrenched. Pfizer is interested in making the technology a part of its preclinical cancer vaccine-based immunotherapy research program, according to a release from Ichor.

Novo Nordisk taps Zosano's microneedle patch for diabetes drug delivery

Zosano Pharma, the developer of a microneedle patch for various applications, has signed on with pharma giant Novo Nordisk to deliver semaglutide, an analogue used to treat Type 2 diabetes. Zosano is set to collect $60 million for the first product in the deal and $55 million for each additional one.

Regulus renews Sanofi microRNA pact to focus on orphan, cancer treatments

California microRNA specialist Regulus Therapeutics renewed an almost-four-year-old partnership with Sanofi to help develop its RNA programs further for orphan and oncology purposes, collecting a $10 million equity investment in the process.

Microchip coated with cells gives insight into nanoparticle penetration

MIT professor and entrepreneur Robert Langer is behind another innovative nanotechnology application for drug delivery, this time helping develop a model that could help researchers understand the way nanoparticles penetrate blood vessel walls.

Oramed touts PhIIa insulin pill study results; analysts say 'Prove it'

Israel's Oramed touted results from a successful Phase IIa trial of its insulin pill, saying the oral Type 2 diabetes treatment is safe and well-tolerated. But since then, some analysts and media outlets have criticized the company for being less than forthcoming about the data.

The top drug delivery partnerships of 2013

In the biotech and pharma industries, drug delivery is a crucial aspect of research and development. Finding new ways to deliver old drugs, ways to make a new drug more efficient or ways that make a...

FDA rejects migraine film from IntelGenx and RedHill, but companies expect quick turnaround

Canadian delivery specialist IntelGenx Technologies and Israeli partner RedHill Biopharma say they can turn the FDA's rejection of their dissolvable migraine film around quickly because the regulators didn't take issue with the study data--rather, third-party manufacturing practices were to blame.

Hydrogel with tiny capsules could control the release of drugs

A new delivery system from Texas A&M University uses a hydrogel material to hold drugs and deliver drugs through microscopic holes in its structure.

URI scientist collects $1.3M to blast tumors with nanoparticles

A University of Rhode Island researcher won a National Institutes of Health grant of $1.3 million to further study the use of cancer-targeting copper sulfide nanoparticles for breast cancer.

Nanogold 'superstructures' are held together with DNA for cancer drug delivery

To make drug delivery structures of a particular size and shape, researchers have developed gold nanoparticle building blocks that can be "glued" together with bits of DNA. This could have particular importance in delivering drugs to treat breast cancer.

Nanodiamonds covered in silk promise smoother drug delivery

Nanodiamonds have been used in drug delivery for several years, most notably to deliver chemotherapy with fewer side effects. Now researchers have added a component to the tiny vehicles that could improve their delivery properties: They've covered them in silk.

Artificial pancreas news: U.K. researchers unveil device, Animas snags Canadian approval of closed-loop system

Two more advances in insulin pump technology this week offer glimpses of what could soon be an actual artificial pancreas, the combination insulin pump and glucose monitor long desired in the diabetes market.

Evoke Pharma's nasal spray outdoes oral generic for diabetes-related stomach disease

Evoke Pharma showed in a recent study that its nasal spray for the delivery of a generic gastrointestinal drug performed better than the traditional oral form. The nasal delivery method could help patients take the drug when they are suffering from nausea and have difficulty swallowing a pill.