Developer of men's health drug with novel delivery tech secures $1M+ in seed financing

Startup MHB Labs announced the receipt of $1.1 million in seed financing from Romulus Capital and other angel investors in support of its drug delivery technology for convenient administration of a commercially available but little-used medication that could have applications in the men's health space.

Clearside's novel eye drug delivery tech shows promise in latest clinical trial

Eyecare company Clearside Biomedical announced that patients treated with its injectable eye disease candidate demonstrated improved vision, as it tries to become the first to commercialize suprachoroidal delivery.

Maker of microspheres for local delivery of radiation suffers clinical trial setback

Sirtex Medical's clinical trial of its microspheres for targeted delivery of radioactive particles did not live up to expectations. Investors dumped the Australian company's stock in a hurry beginning March 13. It began the following week at $15, or a stunning 60% lower than before the bad news was delivered.

Glide touts studies of its delivery system as it prepares to take on Novartis' Sandostatin

Glide Technologies touted studies of its novel solid-dose injection system, which uses its proprietary solid-dose injector. It said the data showed that the delivery system had a 100% penetration rate into the skin and consistently delivered the solid formulation.

New optogenetics technique does away with genetic modification

The growing field of optogenetics involves the use of light to control neural activity, a process that has wide implications for treating genetic diseases such as macular degeneration. But up until now, the therapy has required the use of genetically modified neurons, limiting its effectiveness in the human population.

Depomed picks up loan for second half of $1.05B Nucynta acquisition from J&J

After securing U.S. rights to Janssen's Nucynta franchise in mid-January this year, Depomed has now raised enough to pay for it in full. Nucynta fits nicely into Depomed's cadre of pain and neurological treatments, and the Newark, CA-based company's Acuform drug delivery tech already gives Nucynta an edge as an oral treatment.

Efforts at intracochlear drug delivery to treat hearing loss gaining momentum

The millimeters-wide opening of the inner ear has long stymied efforts at drug delivery, but progress is being made, according to Scientific American. Draper Lab is working to create a small intracochlear device designed to treat hearing loss.

J&J hosts oral biologics startup at its new incubator to help it find Remicade's replacement

Startup Applied Molecular Transport is aiming to mimic the systems used by naturally occurring microbes in the gastrointestinal tract to develop oral biologics that can cross the organ's barriers. Johnson & Johnson demonstrated its interest in the drug delivery paradigm by making the company one of the 10 first occupants of its life science incubator in South San Francisco.  

FDA expands indication of the only sublingual second-gen antipsychotic

The FDA has expanded the indication of Actavis's Saphris tablet, the only sublingual atypical, or second-generation, antipsychotic to include pediatric patients aged 10 to 17 with bipolar I disorder.

Arrowhead acquires Novartis' RNAi assets, but Alnylam CEO calls them 'unuseful.' Who's right?

RNAi leaders Alnylam and Arrowhead Research are publicly disagreeing over the value of Novartis' RNAi assets. Arrowhead acquired the assets, including the rights to three preclinical candidates, for $35 million. Alnylam CEO John Maraganore said the assets were "pretty unuseful."

Zohydro changes hands as Zogenix sells to Pernix for $100M-plus

Zogenix is selling off its extended-release painkiller franchise Zohydro to New Jersey's Pernix Therapeutics for $100 million and up to $283.5 million in milestones based on sales. At one point, Zogenix looked at Zohydro as its flagship, but now it appears the company is backing away from pain management altogether.

J&J partner Halozyme joins daratumumab trials with delivery tech in tow

A month after Genmab and Johnson & Johnson's Janssen released successful mid-stage data for its multiple myeloma antibody daratumumab, Halozyme has jumped on board, planning a Phase I trial with its subcutaneous delivery technology.

Will the third licensee of a buccal tablet for mouth fungus succeed where others have failed?

Dara BioSciences is the new marketer of the only orally dissolving buccal tablet approved for oral thrush, which occurs when the Candida albicans fungus grows in the lining of the mouth.

Irish research center wins EU funding to study and develop transdermal delivery methods

Researchers at Ireland's Waterford Institute of Technology have been awarded nearly $1 million to test and develop transdermal medications for conditions such as non-melanoma skin cancer.

Developer of injectable osteoarthritis treatment postpones $75M IPO, raises $4M in debt instead

Palo Alto CA's Carbylan Therapeutics is developing a Phase III injectable combination therapy for knee osteoarthritis to compete with Sanofi's offering, but in a setback, its planned $75 million IPO was postponed.

Chrono Therapeutics ropes in new funds from Rock Health for smoking cessation device

Chrono Therapeutics got a fresh infusion of cash from Rock Health to support development of its programmable monitoring system for smoking cessation.

FDA shoots down Pacira's bid for expanding Exparel

Pacira's hopes of expanding the use of its surgical pain drug took a hit this week, as the FDA rejected its application to get Exparel approved through a new delivery pathway.

Forbes gives drug delivery a shoutout, says it can make good drugs great

Drug delivery is proving to be a useful and economical source of innovation due to the difficulty and cost of finding new molecular drug candidates, Forbes says in its article, "Is the future of pharma about making good drugs great?"

Amgen launches delivery device for automatic administration of its blockbuster Neulasta

Amgen just announced the debut of the Neulasta Delivery Kit to automatically deliver the medication for infection prevention among cancer patients about 27 hours after chemotherapy, thereby ensuring compliance with the dosing instructions.

FDA requires new labeling on insulin pens to ward off spread of infections

The FDA is taking action to ensure that multidose insulin pens do not spread diseases by requiring the injectable devices to display the warning "For single patient use only."