'Onion' drug delivery vehicle has concentric layers for consistent dosing

A new type of drug delivery vehicle from the University of Pennsylvania is made up of several membranes layered on each other to protect the drug at its core or possibly deliver a few different drugs over time.

Proteasome inhibitor delivered with cancer-killing viruses enhances effect

Researchers at The Ohio State University have found that to treat brain cancer and other solid tumors, a low dose of the proteasome inhibitor bortezomib improves oncolytic viruses' ability to kill cancer cells.

Chrono Therapeutics tackles smoking cessation with programmable monitoring system

Smoking cessation runs the gamut from patches to nicotine gum, but a new delivery method from Chrono Therapeutics uses a programmable monitoring system to help smokers suppress cravings.

Protein from a fatal fungus may offer up meningitis treatment

Scientists at the University of California, Davis, have successfully isolated the protein that allows a meningitis-causing fungus to cross the blood-brain barrier, a breakthrough that could lead to new treatments for the condition and other brain infections.

Avanir's nasal delivery for migraines beats oral sumatriptan in PhIIIb

Avanir Pharmaceuticals touted positive results from a Phase III trial of its AVP-825 sumatripan intranasal powder for migraines as compared with an oral formulation of the same treatment.

UCSB study: New silver nanoparticles dissolve if they don't hit their mark

Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have concocted a new type of silver nanoparticle designed to deliver cancer drugs that can also dissolve and become inactive if it doesn't reach the tumor. The innovation solves some safety issues associated with nanotechnology and reduces side effects from the cancer drugs themselves, the scientists say.

Stem cells trapped in hydrogel better at bone repair

By encasing regenerative stems cells in a hydrophilic polymer, researchers at the University of Rochester were able to prevent them from leaving the repair site early, thereby speeding up the healing process. 

Tonix receives IND approval for sublingual formulation to treat PTSD

Tonix Pharmaceuticals announced June 10 that its investigational reformulation of cyclobenzaprine, TNX-102 SL, received IND clearance from the FDA for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. The news comes about a month after the company said that TNX-102 SL's pivotal trial for the treatment of fibromyalgia completed enrollment.

Cook launches Zilver PTX drug-eluting stent in Canada

Cook Medical announced the launch of what it said is Canada's first drug-coated stent for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease in the superficial femoral artery on June 5 at the Interventional Radiology Association meeting in Montreal.

Mayo Clinic team successfully delivers small molecules to the brain past blood-brain barrier

The blood-brain barrier is the body's way of keeping harmful substances away from the brain, but it's also a daunting obstacle for drug delivery experts looking to send treatments to the organ. Now, researchers at the Mayo Clinic have developed a synthetic peptide carrier to shuttle small molecules past the barrier and into the brain.

Investors watch RNA therapy companies for signs of future profits

Only a few weeks ago, there was talk of a biotech stock slump, but now some of those same companies in vogue again, at least in the popular press.

First cheek-bound film for opioid dependence nears PDUFA date

The success (or failure) of still-unproven biotech BioDeliverySciences will depend in great part on its buccal film for opioid dependence, Bunavail. The candidate is barreling toward its June 6 PDUFA date.

Singapore team designs nanotech glaucoma treatment for sustained release

Researchers in Singapore have developed a nanotech solution that could provide months of treatment in a single application.

'Quadrapeutics' method delivers chemo, nanogold, infrared light and radiation to kill cancer

Like a molecular swiss army knife, a new type of technique that engineers have dubbed "quadrapeutics" offers a four-in-one cancer treatment to blast tumors into submission, and a preclinical study showed that it was 17 times more effective than traditional chemotherapy.

FDA approves first nasally delivered gel for 'Low T'

FDA's May 28 approval of Natesto, the first nasally delivered testosterone gel for hypogonadism, came just in time for Canada's Trimel Pharmaceuticals, which had just $18 million left on hand at the beginning of the year.

'Nanodaisies' carry two cancer drugs and protect them in the bloodstream

With all the innovation in nano-sized delivery vehicles, the creative terms for the small particles have run the gamut from nanonecklaces to nanovolcanoes. And scientists from North Carolina State University, following suit, have dubbed their new design for delivering cancer drugs a "nanodaisy," due to a flowerlike petal structure on its surface.

Stentys releases data, says CE mark for sirolimus-eluting stent likely

France's Stentys anticipates a CE mark for its sirolimus-eluting stent as soon as the second half of 2014 due to the results of its three clinical trials released May 27 in a late-breaking session of the EuroPCR conference in Paris.

PolyTherics picks up Canadian delivery tech for targeted cancer treatment

The U.K.'s PolyTherics, which just this week merged with Antitope to pool their resources in R&D, announced that it would also collaborate with Canadian company Alpha Cancer Technologies, which has a drug delivery platform called alpha fetoprotein designed to enhance chemotherapy.

Mannkind: Approval of inhaled insulin drug around the corner

Mannkind officials signaled FDA approval of its inhaled diabetes Afrezza Inhalation Powder is likely at their May 22 shareholder meeting. 

UPDATED: Inovio's DNA-plasmid delivery approach yields potential treatment for chikungunya

Biotech Inovio revealed that all the mice that received its monoclonal antibody targeting chikungunya virus were protected from the disease, raising hopes that the first drug for the condition could be on the horizon.