Data-gathering insulin pen maker Companion pulls in Series B led by Eli Lilly

Companion Medical, a California startup with a Bluetooth-enabled insulin pen and smartphone app, pulled in Series B financing this week, led by Big Pharma player Eli Lilly. Though the amount was undisclosed, the move marks a step forward for Lilly into the world of drug delivery technology, for which the company is currently building an R&D center in Cambridge, MA.

Study finds testosterone gels and patches safer than injections

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that injectable testosterone results in fewer cardiovascular adverse events than gel or patch-based formulations, offering hope that new forms of drug delivery can rekindle a once-hot market that's been stalled by the FDA's safety concerns.  

FierceDrugDelivery's 10 biggest partnerships in drug delivery

"Cover all the bases" is the theme of FierceDrugDelivery's annual list of the top drug delivery partnerships. Finding 10 significant alliances that represent the full range of drug delivery advances was a challenge, and there are certainly other deals out there that are both novel and of high importance.

Endo to buy Par Pharma for $8B to bulk up in injectables

Endo is acquiring Par Pharmaceutical for $8 billion. It adds about 100 products from Par, such as generic injectables worth $1.3 billion in 2014 sales.

'Nanosponges' held in place with a hydrogel absorb toxins in MRSA infections

UCSD researchers have developed a hydrogel that contains toxin-absorbing nanoparticles--what they are calling nanosponges--that could eventually treat skin and wound conditions caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA.

Endo, BDSI get positive results from pivotal trial of pain-fighting buccal film

Endo Pharmaceuticals and BioDelivery Sciences International announced positive results from two Phase III studies of their Belbuca buccal film to manage severe chronic pain by quickly delivering buprenorphine via the inside of the cheek. The candidate uses BDSI's BioErodible MucoAdhesive delivery platform.

Celyad, formerly Cardio3, files for U.S. IPO worth up to $115M

Belgian biotech Celyad--better known still by its old name Cardio3--is aiming for a U.S. IPO worth up to $115 million.

FDA approves pediatric version of Treximet to treat migraines

The FDA approved its first combination therapy to treat migraines in pediatric patients, giving its blessings to Pernix Therapeutics' Treximet for use in patients ages 12 to 17.

Gene editing player gets $25M in Series A round

Precision BioSciences nabbed $25.6 million in its initial funding round thanks to the likes of Fidelity Biosciences, Amgen Ventures, Baxter Ventures and Osage University Partners in support of its ARCUS gene editing platform.

Supercooled nanoparticles offer targeted delivery approach

The ability to supercool drug-carrying vesicles inside the body and time the exact moment of crystallization could lead to a targeted approach to drug delivery, researchers at Tel Aviv University have found.

Lilly hopes new drug delivery R&D center will prove useful in osteoporosis, diabetes arenas

Eli Lilly announced last week that it will be opening a drug delivery and device innovation center in Cambridge, MA, as it seeks to meet the needs of its pipeline, such as a suitable formulation for its osteoporosis candidate, and maintain its leadership position in diabetes, where delivery devices are key.

Researchers turn to bacteria secretion systems to deliver proteins

Many delivery platforms are based in part on organisms existing in nature, such as bacteria or viruses, and now researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have turned to the common Escherichia coli bacterium and instilled it with a natural ability to transport proteins.

Neuroderm stock up as FDA lifts hold on its subcutaneously delivered Parkinson's candidate

The FDA lifted the clinical hold on Neuroderm's subcutaneously delivered Parkinson's candidates, paving the way for more studies of the liquid formulations of levodopa and carbidopa in the second half of this year. In response to the Friday morning news, the company's stock ended the day up more than 10%.

Concordia running trials to expand use of its laser-activated cancer-fighting drug

Canada's Concordia Healthcare is initiating a Phase II study to expand the use of its Photofrin combination therapy to include adults with high-grade gliomas, a class of brain and spinal cord tumors, as it continues to aggressively expand the indication of the product to include more forms of cancer.

Chemically driven vehicles could deliver drugs against the stream

Self-propelled drug delivery systems are an important advancement in early stages of research, giving hope that someday drugs can be transported via targeted, "smart" particles that have the ability to move where directed in the human body, even upstream of normal blood flow.

Medicines Co. gets FDA approval of first patient-controlled patch for postoperative pain

The Medicines Company scored two drug delivery feats on Friday.

Northwestern team puts spherical RNA in common skin moisturizer to speed up wound healing

Combining spherical (as opposed to linear) RNA with a common commercial moisturizer, Northwestern University researchers developed the first topical gene regulation therapy to accelerate the healing of ulcers associated with diabetes, at least in animals.

UNC scientists bypass blood-brain barrier with exosomes to treat Parkinson's

Exosomes are the small fat and protein bubbles that cells create to manage waste and transport materials. Naturally, then, the vesicles are ideal for use in drug delivery, and researchers are using exosomes to deliver antioxidants to the brain--bypassing the challenging blood-brain barrier--to treat Parkinson's disease.

UPDATED: NIH says viral vector for delivering gene therapy to treat blindness shows promise, Wall Street less sure

Gene therapy delivered via a viral vector showed promise in delaying vision loss in patients with the inherited disorder Leber congenital amaurosis, albeit only temporarily.

Deerfield Management buys 8% stake in manufacturer of custom hydrogels and wound dressings

Healthcare financier Deerfield Management took an 8% stake in wound care company Alliqua biomedical, buying 1.875 million shares in response to the company's offering of 6.6 million additional shares on the Nasdaq for $4.55 apiece.