AbbVie's FDA-approved Duopa gel for Parkinson's skates through yearlong study

Levodopa is often the drug of choice to mitigate the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, but getting the treatment into the bloodstream can be challenging because of the erratic muscle movement in Parkinson's patients' digestion systems. AbbVie's gel-based Duopa is designed to improve absorption of levodopa in the small intestine, and researchers at the University of Kentucky recently demonstrated long-term safety and efficacy of the delivery method.

Topical gel for migraine shows promise in trials, can penetrate transdermal barrier

A novel topical gel for treating migraines showed promise in a clinical trial; 77% of patients experienced pain relief.

Presage's multiple-cancer-drug injection device shows promising first-in-human results

Researchers at Seattle-based Presage Biosciences and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have released results from a study showing further evidence their microinjection delivery device can accurately determine which cancer drugs are effective by testing multiple drugs at once inside a tumor.

3M says its new intravenous port dressing will make drug delivery easier and fight off site infections

3M announced the launch of its Tegarderm CHG intravenous port dressing, saying the device will help oncology patients receive injections comfortably and ward off infection. The new product combines a transparent port-site dressing with a chlorhexidine gluconate gel pad. 3M says the dressing enables continuous, unobstructed observation of the IV insertion site.

British team developing gel for sustained release in patients with difficulty swallowing

A team at Britain's University of Huddersfield is developing a gel that enables sustained release of medication in the digestive system, a drug delivery trick usually associated with solid formulations.

Generex announces second medical marijuana outlicensing deal for its drug delivery tech

Generex's proprietary RapidMist buccal drug delivery device is finding a mark in the medical marijuana arena. The company announced its second medical marijuana outlicensing agreement, this time with Smoofi, a consultant to licensed U.S. medical and recreational marijuana operators and retail dispensaries.

Nanoparticle coating spurs oral cancer vaccine potential

The stomach and the gut are difficult places for DNA to survive and eventually pass into the bloodstream intact. Now researchers have developed nanoparticle-coated bacteria that can someday be used to create effective DNA vaccines.

Icon heralds late-stage success for extended-release, postsurgical cataract treatment

Icon Bioscience has brought to light data from its late-stage extended-release cataract treatment, which demonstrated a high level of efficacy while reducing inflammation after surgery.

Mersana's cancer-fighting antibody-drug conjugate shows promise in animal studies

Fierce 15 member Mersana Therapeutics, a developer of customizable next-generation antibody-drug conjugates, announced that its lead anticancer candidate showed promise in preclinical studies.

J&J banking on improved insulin delivery tech to cure diabetes business woes

Johnson & Johnson's diabetes care business experienced a year-over-year revenue decline of 2.2% in 2015 and fell 8.7% for the year. But J&J executives are optimistic about a turnaround, citing the recent launch of the drug-delivering Animas Vibe continuous glucose monitor and insulin pump, and longer term plans for a wearable insulin pump.

'Doc fix' reform bill alters Medicare reimbursement for some oral-only meds

The elimination of the Medicare Sustained Growth Rate formula that threatened large Medicare reimbursement cuts to doctors on an annual basis is the most significant entitlement reform achieved by the new Congress.

Study: Schizophrenics on J&J's injectable fare better than those on oral meds

In a study, Janssen Pharmaceuticals' once-a-month injectable for schizophrenia resulted in better outcomes than daily oral competitors, as measured by real-world (as opposed to strictly clinical) outcomes like arrest or psychiatric hospitalization.

FDA recalls Baxter IV solutions; Drug delivery company plunges on Wall Street following bad trial results;

> Baxter ($BAX) initiated a voluntary recall of some of of its IV solutions due to the potential presence of particulate matter. More > Alzheon believes it can succeed where many others have...

J&J to use drug delivery device for HBV vaccine thanks to $85M partnership

J&J's Janssen Pharmaceuticals just announced a partnership involving the use of Ichor Medical Systems' TriGrid electroporation technology to deliver a DNA vaccine for hepatitis B.

'BLAST' laser method allows large particle delivery to 100,000 cells per minute

Researchers at UCLA have developed a new method for the delivery of large molecules into cells. The tool has shown in early tests that it can shuttle nanoparticles, enzymes, antibodies, bacteria and other materials into cells at up to 100,000 cells per minute.

Devicemaker AngioDynamics invests in cancer drug delivery aspirant

Devicemaker AngioDynamics threw its hat into the cancer drug delivery ring through its partnership with EmboMedics, the developer of investigational chemotherapy-delivering microspheres that also perform embolization.

KemPharm sets IPO price for up to $56M

Iowa's KemPharm, maker of abuse-resistant versions of painkillers, has set its price range for a possible IPO, seeking up to $56 million at $12 to $14 a share.

Israel's Intec discussing $150M drug delivery partnership with Big Pharma company

Israel's Intec Pharma is discussing a partnership involving its drug-delivering Accordion Pill with a Big Pharma player. The deal contains an option that would net Intec up $150 million, in addition to royalties on product sales.

Developer of surgically delivered microparticles to brain gets $72.5M in latest funding round

Edge Therapeutics added $56 million to its latest financing round, bringing the total Series C haul to $72.5 million in support of its neurological candidates that overcome the blood-brain barrier through surgical delivery directly to the brain.

Researchers take aim at childhood neuroblastoma with targeted nanoparticles

At the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, researchers are looking toward biodegradable nanoparticles capable of delivering cancer drugs to neuroblastoma without harming surrounding tissue.