Flowonix to develop drug delivery implant for Cerebral's neurological candidates

The blood-brain barrier has proven to be one of the body's most insurmountable barriers and has helped scupper several neurological candidates. A new drug delivery alliance aims to overcome the obstacle by bypassing it all together.

Ear drug delivery to get a boost from launch of hearing loss therapeutics company Decibel

VC firm Third Rock is funding (to the tune of $52 million) and assembling a team focused on fighting hearing loss with drugs, an effort that's sure to push the envelope when it comes to drug delivery and administration within the ear.

Researchers deploy malarial protein as targeting agent for anticancer drugs

Researchers from Norway and Canada have discovered that a malarial protein can be used for targeted drug delivery against cancerous tumors because it naturally targets and binds to a molecule in the placenta that also happens to be expressed in lung cancer and melanoma.

Computer models demonstrate stronger liposomal shells for drug delivery

As far as nanostructures are concerned, liposomes are some of the simplest forms. Culled from the basic structure of lipids in the cell membrane, the layered surface has widely been used to protect drugs as they travel through the body. And researchers from Carnegie Mellon University may have found a theoretical model to make liposomes even more effective.

Alnylam reveals molecule to reverse effect of its RNAi therapies

Alnylam unveiled two new additions to its RNAi drug delivery arsenal at the meeting of the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society in Leiden, Netherlands, as it strives to be first biotech to commercialize a therapeutic that leverages the naturally occurring pathway.

HIV drug coupled with crystallized protease inhibitor boosts treatment

The efforts of two universities--one that developed the drug and one that developed the delivery system--have given way to a possible new HIV regimen that could cut treatments down to as few as one or two a year.

Novo to expand use of Emisphere's oral delivery platform in deal potentially worth $80M+

Novo Nordisk announced an expanded drug delivery partnership with Emisphere under which the Big Pharma will develop medications for metabolic disorders like diabetes and obesity using the partner's Eligen platform for oral medications.

Study finds EpiPens can injure children, recommends improved technique and design

A study in the Annals of Emergency Medicine found a high rate of injuries to pediatric patients stemming from EpiPen autoinjector use. Lead author Dr. Julie Brown of Seattle Children's Hospital made several recommendations to increase patient safety during use of the delivery device, and said the use of an alternative Sanofi self-retracting needle could avoid many of the complications.

Russian Academy: Combining drugs with ionic liquids can up the solubility, cut polymorphism

A new way to develop drugs may someday give poorly soluble compounds an edge, overcoming a problem in drug delivery known as polymorphism. A group of scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences has employed ionic liquids to solubilize those pharmaceutical ingredients that don't dissolve very easily in the body.

Trial shows Celgene's oral psoriasis med works on patients who took Amgen's injectable Enbrel

Celgene touted postmarket study results of its oral antipsoriasis drug Otezla, which showed that the med works on those who switch over from Pfizer and Amgen's injectable competitor Enbrel (etanercept). Celgene's med is taking on a top dog in Enbrel, whose 2013 sales ($8.8 billion) made it the world's second best selling drug.

Medicines Co. enters Japanese market, handing over license to transdermal pain patch

New Jersey's The Medicines Co. has tied the knot with Tokyo's SymBio, a deal that gives the Japanese company the exclusive license to develop and commercialize The Medicine Co.'s IONSYS transdermal pain system in its home country.

3M takes on blood-brain barrier with Impel Neuropharma nasal drug delivery alliance

3M announced that it is helping Impel Neuoropharma develop its Precision Olfactory Delivery for delivery of neurological drugs into the brain and nervous system. The companies said the alliance leverages 3M's experience in the inhaled and nasal drug delivery arenas, in an otherwise vague release that lacked details about the nature of the partnership.

OptiNose bags $30M in VC financing as partner Otsuka barrels toward its second PDUFA date

OptiNose has raised $30 million to submit a New Drug Application for its drug/device combination product to treat nasal polyposis with associated nasal congestion.

Polymer microneedles embedded with cancer drugs degrade to treat skin carcinomas

Microneedle patches have long been seen as a potential alternative to needles to treat, for instance, diabetes, eye conditions or cancer. Producing the tiny needles, though, is difficult and costly. But a team of scientists from the University of Akron and the University of Texas has now developed a technique for manufacturing the transdermal arrays using a process called microstereolithography.

Genisphere snags $4M to move its 3DNA platform into the clinic

Pennsylvania startup Genisphere locked down a $4 million investment to expand its DNA-based drug delivery platform, looking to finish the preclinical process and license the technology to pharma partners.

GSK obtains rights to inhaled nanoparticles made using Liquidia's PRINT platform

GlaxoSmithKline now has rights to develop inhaled therapeutics using Liquidia's PRINT particle engineering technology. The development builds on a drug delivery alliance between the two companies that commenced in 2012.

Novel catheter designed for rectal drug delivery wins CE mark

Hospi announced CE-mark approval for its flagship Macy Catheter, the only device on the market that's designed specifically for rectal delivery of fluids and medications.

Precision NanoSystems raises $13.4M to support its nanoparticle tech

Precision NanoSystems completed a $13.4 million Series A round to back its NanoAssemblr platform for the targeted delivery of nanoparticles and diagnostic agents.

Perrigo licenses Flamel's oral suspension delivery platform to develop additional OTC meds

As part of its so-called Base Plus Plus Plus strategy, specialty pharmaceutical company Perrigo announced that it is licensing Flamel's LiquiTime extended-release suspension to develop products for the U.S. over-the-counter market.

Molecular 'wrench' gives delivery machinery an edge

The shape of molecules used to deliver drugs determines how and when the drugs are able to interact with their target. And having the right tools to operate that intricate machinery is an important part of that process. Researchers have developed a "wrench" using the chirality of molecules at the nanoscale to create customized compounds that can perform specific functions.