Former Unilife employee admits that his whistleblower suit lacked merit in legal settlement

A former Unilife employee apologized to the company for falsely accusing the company of misleading investors in press releases, and agreed to make payments to settle a countersuit filed against him following his failed whistleblower lawsuit.

Benitec IPO swoons amid market rout, but other drug delivery focused players still trying to debut

Australia's RNA interference specialist Benitec Biopharma chose a bad week to debut on the Nasdaq. The company raised $14 million by offering 1.5 million American depositary shares on Aug. 18, but its stock was down 13% by Friday, a week which saw the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index fall 4.5%.

Copper naturally assembles in bio component to make stable, scalable delivery structures

A new copper-based biological nanomaterial discovered and assembled at Louisiana Tech University interacts with cells in the body and could ultimately be used as a targeted delivery tool to treat cancer and other diseases.

Study finds novel, rectal drug delivery catheter is useful in emergency settings

In November the federal National Science Foundation awarded a $700,000 research grant to Hospi so that it could expand use of the only FDA-cleared device for rectal delivery of medications. The early results look promising.

Edge files for up to $115M IPO to support locally delivered med for brain aneurysms

Edge Therapeutics is deploying drug delivery to improve the standard of care for treating ruptured brain aneurysms, and hopes to receive $115 million via an IPO on the Nasdaq, for which it just filed.

BioDelivery snags new FDA approval for Onsolis after ditching Meda partnership

BioDelivery Sciences' Onsolis, a cancer pain treatment that makes use of the company's buccal delivery platform, picked up a new FDA approval for a reformulation of the treatment, which is expected to return to the U.S. market in 2016. BioDelivery earlier this year pulled out of a commercialization partnership with Sweden's Meda, which decided to focus more on respiration, and BioDelivery is currently looking for a new partner.

Hydrogels: Study shows use in ulcerative colitis and Army invests in wound healing research

A hydrogel is a polymeric material capable of holding large amounts of water in its 3-D structural network. Because it acts as the gel equivalent of a sponge, hydrogels are ideal for delivering different kinds of drugs and performing necessary functions. This week, hydrogels have shown to be useful in treating inflammatory bowel problems and forming the building blocks of synthetic biological processes such as wound healing.

Checkmate Pharma gets $20M in Series A to develop cancer candidate with VLP platform

Checkmate Pharmaceuticals last week announced the receipt of $20 million in Series A financing to support development of a licensed oncology candidate (CYT003) and associated virus-like particle platform, as well as technologies for VLP delivery.

Cannabics Pharma's extended-release medical marijuana capsules available in Colorado

Thanks to a licensing agreement with Wana Brands, maker of marijuana-infused edibles, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals' extended-release medical marijuana capsule WanaCapsXR is available in Colorado, as well as other states where the medicine is legal.

Intersect's steroid-releasing implant meets its endpoint in bid for expanded indication

Fierce 15 member Intersect ENT said a study of its bioabsorbable steroid-releasing sinus implant met its primary endpoint, as the company seeks to expand the indication of its drug delivery tech to include placement in the frontal sinuses, located behind the eyebrows.

Galena launches Zuplenz nausea suppressor with MonoSol's oral film tech

Galena Biopharma, long teamed up with MonoSol Rx for its oral film-based drug delivery platform, has launched its nausea suppressor Zuplenz in the U.S. for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Galena picked up the license to Zuplenz, a formulation of the drug ondansetron, from MonoSol last July.

Mannkind looking to use its inhaler in new therapeutic areas, not just diabetes

After several regulatory delays, Mannkind finally got its Afrezza inhaled insulin past the FDA.

Mallinckrodt to add cancer drug delivering device to its stable via $1.3B purchase of Therakos

Ireland's Mallinckrodt will add another drug delivery device to its portfolio via acquisition, this time of immunotherapy system maker Therakos, for $1.3 billion. The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter.

Liposomal drug delivery enters the spotlight in new Russian-U.S. report

Scientists have long been looking to liposomes for drug delivery, and a new contingent of researchers from Moscow and Boston published a report this week in the journal Chemical Review looking back at how far the tiny vehicles have come since their development in the 1960s and forward to where they have yet to go.

Aerie to use GrayBug's delivery tech for sustained release of its ophthalmic candidates

Aerie Pharmaceuticals will use GrayBug's microparticle-based technologies to deliver its candidates to the front and back of the eye under a just-announced one-year research collaboration and licensing agreement. In particular Aerie is seeking to add sustained-release capabilities to its arsenal.

Sanofi launches fast-acting, high-concentration insulin med Toujeo in the U.K.

A longer-acting version of the world's best-selling diabetes drug is now available in the U.K. Sanofi announced the availability of the long-acting basal insulin med Toujeo in the country. Containing 300 units of insulin glargine per milliliter, the drug is a three times more concentrated reformulation of the company's blockbuster Lantus, which had revenues of about $7 billion last year.

NanoSmart's targeted cancer killer gains another orphan designation for Ewing's sarcoma

California's NanoSmart netted an orphan designation to treat the rare Ewing's sarcoma, a childhood bone cancer, with a product that makes use of the company's targeted liposomal nanoparticle delivery platform. In what is NanoSmart's second such designation from the FDA, the company is qualified once again for certain incentives, including 7 years of market exclusivity and a subsidized trial process.

Emergent BioSolutions launches autoinjector to protect against chemical weapons attacks

Emergent BioSolutions just launched a military-grade intramuscular autoinjector device for self-administration of antidotes in the case of a chemical weapons attack.

Recommended chemotherapy administration method found underutilized

The National Cancer Institute recommended administering chemotherapy directly into the abdomen as a treatment for ovarian cancer. Nine years after the recommendation was made, adoption of the drug delivery technique remains low, a study just published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found.

Dauntless gets $12M in Series A to develop cancer med using intranasal platform

New company Dauntless Pharmaceuticals last month received $12 million in a Series A funding round upon its launch, in hopes of commercializing a preclinical endocrine cancer drug using technology licensed from drug delivery specialist Aegis Therapeutics for an undisclosed amount. Dauntless has the option to use the technology to develop three other drugs.