AstraZeneca gets FDA nod for alternative administration of oral heart med

AstraZeneca's Brilinta can now be crushed and mixed with water or delivered through the nose via a tube, the FDA said, in a move designed to help patients who are unable to swallow the 90-mg tablets whole.

Developer of viral vectors for anticancer gene therapy files for $70M IPO

MultiVir, a developer of viral vectors to deliver anticancer gene therapy, just filed for a $70 million IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission as it seeks funding for clinical trials of its Phase I/II lead candidates for colorectal cancer and head and neck cancer, and to take the first FDA-approved gene therapy to the market.

Columbia Labs picks up multidrug intravaginal ring created at MIT and MGH

Under the guidance of drug delivery guru Dr. Robert Langer of MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital's Dr. William Crowley, Boston's Columbia Laboratories has acquired the license to an intravaginal ring designed to deliver several different drugs at a time.

Genisphere boasts preclinical success of 3DNA platform for cataract complications

Pennsylvania nanotech company Genisphere announced this week that in preclinical studies its 3DNA platform has successfully treated a cataract surgery complication called posterior capsular opacification.

Researchers convert microbubbles to even smaller nanobubbles using ultrasound

A team of researchers is developing a new form of microbubble delivery, deploying ultrasound to implode the bubbles into several smaller nanobubbles that can cross biological barriers due to their size and release the payloads within the target area.

Japanese researchers study carbon nanotubes with drug delivery applications

Scientists at Japan's Kyushu University claim to have developed a technique for dispersing carbon nanotubes made of graphene while preserving their desirable properties like conductivity, durability and length.

Novan receives $50M in support of drug delivery tech to treat acne, HPV

The developer of a novel drug delivery platform for nitric oxide just raised $50 million in a financing round led by Irish life science investment fund Malin.

Tissue-mimicking hydrogel responds to biological cues to deliver payloads

Taking a cue from natural systems of biological transport, material scientists at Arizona State University have designed a "biomimetic analogue" capable of self-regulating and affecting biological systems. With this new technique for handling molecules, the researchers hope to bring about new drug delivery systems, as well as many other applications.

Bacteria deliver molecule to gut to suppress hunger and ward off weight gain

To transport a hunger-suppressing molecule to the gut as a treatment for obesity, researchers at Vanderbilt University have put bacteria to work. The bacteria become lodged in the digestive system and release the lipid for up to a year at a time, altering the gut microbiome to stave off weight-related problems like diabetes and heart disease.

3-D printing will enable creation of delivery devices on demand

3-D printing will be of great use when it comes to creating drug delivery devices, radiologist Dr. Horacio D'Agostino of Louisiana State University said at a recent meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiology in Atlanta.

Developer of men's health drug with novel delivery tech secures $1M+ in seed financing

Startup MHB Labs announced the receipt of $1.1 million in seed financing from Romulus Capital and other angel investors in support of its drug delivery technology for convenient administration of a commercially available but little-used medication that could have applications in the men's health space.

Clearside's novel eye drug delivery tech shows promise in latest clinical trial

Eyecare company Clearside Biomedical announced that patients treated with its injectable eye disease candidate demonstrated improved vision, as it tries to become the first to commercialize suprachoroidal delivery.

Maker of microspheres for local delivery of radiation suffers clinical trial setback

Sirtex Medical's clinical trial of its microspheres for targeted delivery of radioactive particles did not live up to expectations. Investors dumped the Australian company's stock in a hurry beginning March 13. It began the following week at $15, or a stunning 60% lower than before the bad news was delivered.

Glide touts studies of its delivery system as it prepares to take on Novartis' Sandostatin

Glide Technologies touted studies of its novel solid-dose injection system, which uses its proprietary solid-dose injector. It said the data showed that the delivery system had a 100% penetration rate into the skin and consistently delivered the solid formulation.

New optogenetics technique does away with genetic modification

The growing field of optogenetics involves the use of light to control neural activity, a process that has wide implications for treating genetic diseases such as macular degeneration. But up until now, the therapy has required the use of genetically modified neurons, limiting its effectiveness in the human population.

Depomed picks up loan for second half of $1.05B Nucynta acquisition from J&J

After securing U.S. rights to Janssen's Nucynta franchise in mid-January this year, Depomed has now raised enough to pay for it in full. Nucynta fits nicely into Depomed's cadre of pain and neurological treatments, and the Newark, CA-based company's Acuform drug delivery tech already gives Nucynta an edge as an oral treatment.

Efforts at intracochlear drug delivery to treat hearing loss gaining momentum

The millimeters-wide opening of the inner ear has long stymied efforts at drug delivery, but progress is being made, according to Scientific American. Draper Lab is working to create a small intracochlear device designed to treat hearing loss.

J&J hosts oral biologics startup at its new incubator to help it find Remicade's replacement

Startup Applied Molecular Transport is aiming to mimic the systems used by naturally occurring microbes in the gastrointestinal tract to develop oral biologics that can cross the organ's barriers. Johnson & Johnson demonstrated its interest in the drug delivery paradigm by making the company one of the 10 first occupants of its life science incubator in South San Francisco.  

FDA expands indication of the only sublingual second-gen antipsychotic

The FDA has expanded the indication of Actavis's Saphris tablet, the only sublingual atypical, or second-generation, antipsychotic to include pediatric patients aged 10 to 17 with bipolar I disorder.

Arrowhead acquires Novartis' RNAi assets, but Alnylam CEO calls them 'unuseful.' Who's right?

RNAi leaders Alnylam and Arrowhead Research are publicly disagreeing over the value of Novartis' RNAi assets. Arrowhead acquired the assets, including the rights to three preclinical candidates, for $35 million. Alnylam CEO John Maraganore said the assets were "pretty unuseful."