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Latest Headlines

Canadian doctor opens blood-brain barrier using focused ultrasound

Dr. Todd Mainprize of Toronto's Sunnybrook Hospital says he has accomplished something that has never been done before: open the blood-brain barrier using focused ultrasound, an achievement that enables treatment of a variety of neurological conditions.

Cleveland Clinic developing catheter for delivery of chemotherapy directly into the brain

Cleveland Clinic's investigational convection-enhanced catheter for the delivery of drugs directly into the brain showed promise in first-in-human clinical trials of brain cancer patients.

'Screen door' through blood-brain barrier gives Parkinson's drugs a way in

To treat many neurological diseases, drugs must first pass the blood-brain barrier. But that barrier has formed around the brain to block dangerous substances and, in turn, it thwarts about 98% of drugs, according to a group of Boston scientists. That team has since developed a technique to make crossing the blood-brain barrier less of a hindrance.

UNC scientists bypass blood-brain barrier with exosomes to treat Parkinson's

Exosomes are the small fat and protein bubbles that cells create to manage waste and transport materials. Naturally, then, the vesicles are ideal for use in drug delivery, and researchers are using exosomes to deliver antioxidants to the brain--bypassing the challenging blood-brain barrier--to treat Parkinson's disease.

Developer of surgically delivered microparticles to brain gets $72.5M in latest funding round

Edge Therapeutics added $56 million to its latest financing round, bringing the total Series C haul to $72.5 million in support of its neurological candidates that overcome the blood-brain barrier through surgical delivery directly to the brain.

Gold nanoparticles deliver RNA to the brain to suppress cancer genes

Researchers at Northwestern University have put together a nanostructure capable of shuttling a new RNA molecule across the blood-brain barrier to reach tumor cells in mice with glioblastoma multiforme, a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer.

Gelatin-based nanoparticles enter brain to treat stroke in crucial time window

South Korean researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have developed a delivery technique that uses bits of gelatin to encapsulate drugs and carry them to the brain without surgery. The method shows promise for stroke patients, extending the window during which treatment can be effective.

Study finds blood-brain barrier opening can be controlled, enabling enhanced drug delivery

Columbia University scientists showed that it is possible to control the size of the blood-brain barrier opening by varying the pressure of an ultrasound beam, a discovery that could herald major breakthroughs in the treatment of neurological diseases.

Protein from a fatal fungus may offer up meningitis treatment

Scientists at the University of California, Davis, have successfully isolated the protein that allows a meningitis-causing fungus to cross the blood-brain barrier, a breakthrough that could lead to new treatments for the condition and other brain infections.

Mayo Clinic team successfully delivers small molecules to the brain past blood-brain barrier

The blood-brain barrier is the body's way of keeping harmful substances away from the brain, but it's also a daunting obstacle for drug delivery experts looking to send treatments to the organ. Now, researchers at the Mayo Clinic have developed a synthetic peptide carrier to shuttle small molecules past the barrier and into the brain.