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Latest Headlines

Amgen launches delivery device for automatic administration of its blockbuster Neulasta

Amgen just announced the debut of the Neulasta Delivery Kit to automatically deliver the medication for infection prevention among cancer patients about 27 hours after chemotherapy, thereby ensuring compliance with the dosing instructions.

Vigilant Biosciences reels in $5.5M for oral cancer test

Vigilant Biosciences roped in $5.5 million in a Series B round to support development of its diagnostic system for the early detection of oral cancer, giving the company a boost as it eyes European and stateside approval for its product.

Pakistan's new drug pricing policy to cut some costs by one-third

Pakistan's minister in charge of drug pricing confirmed at a news conference a new policy would reduce the costs of some drugs by as much as 30%, but said no changes would become effective before June 30, 2016.

ACT Genomics ropes in $8M for cancer molecular Dx in first private funding round

Taiwan-based ACT Genomics raked in $8 million in the company's first private funding round, giving the company a boost as it looks to ramp up development for its molecular diagnostic cancer assays.

Indian portion of GSK-Novartis swap approved by GSK board

The board of directors at GlaxoSmithKline voted to approve the last phase of a three-part deal with Novartis, transferring GSK's cancer drug portfolio to Novartis Healthcare Pvt, its Indian arm. Distribution rights were ceded in exchange for acquiring the Swiss-based company's vaccines portfolio.

Guardant Health gets $50M to market and expand its liquid biopsy cancer test

Guardant Health used the occasion of a $50 million investment to declare its leadership in the still-developing business of liquid biopsies. That brings the total raised to just under $100 million. The latest cash infusion is intended to expand marketing of its Guardant360 product and to improve upon it.

Protein analysis method could act as new cancer biomarker

Researchers at Florida's Moffitt Cancer Center are gaining deeper insight into the biological processes going on inside a tumor in an effort to battle cancer more effectively. They've developed a new technique to analyze specific protein complexes in cancer specimens.

Philips adds Indica's analysis software to its pathology line

Philips announced that it will offer Indica Lab's Halo image analysis software platform with its Digital Pathology Solutions products to enable enhanced analysis of cancerous tissue samples. The upgraded product offering is for research use only, meaning it won't be used to make clinical decisions affecting individual patients.

With $1.5B spent and a new president, NantHealth works to rationalize patient care from end to end

Famed biotech entrepreneur Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong opted to unveil core details on his patient monitoring company NantHealth at this week's JP Morgan Healthcare conference. The private company has already spent $1.5 billion in the past decade to enable patient monitoring and real-time data analysis that examines the patient experience in the hospital and at home via connected medical devices, as well as to cost and outcomes data that's available via mobile devices.

Graphene 'flying carpet' strips deliver two cancer drugs, each to a different cell target

Researchers have developed graphene strips that have demonstrated the ability to carry two different cancer drugs and target each to the part of the cell where it will be most effective. The surface area of a flat strip in particular suits these particles to the delivery of the cancer drugs TRAIL and doxorubicin.