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Latest Headlines

Florida senator proposes research into medical marijuana for pets

Lisa Miller, a lobbyist in Florida who has a dog that suffers from epilepsy, spent much of last year pressing her state's senators to legalize medical marijuana for pets. She scored a victory late in the year, when state senator Jeff Brandes introduced a bill suggesting a framework for giving people with chronic illnesses access to the drug--and for researching the effects of marijuana on pets with seizure disorders and other illnesses.

Denver cannabis seller teams with vet to launch pet wellness line

The legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use in a growing number of states like Colorado has brought plenty of controversy. But that's not stopping one Denver company from bringing its line of cannabis-based health products to the veterinary world.

Medical marijuana company licenses RapidMist device for buccal delivery

Medical marijuana company CannScience Innovations entered into a nonbinding agreement to license Generex Biotechnology's RapidMist device for the buccal delivery of its developmental stage medical marijuana products.

GW's cannabis-based mouth spray gains Austrian OK for MS spasms

British drug developer GW Pharmaceutical will debut its cannabis-based pain therapy Sativex in Austria as a treatment for MS-related spasticity sometime in 2012, following regulatory approval