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Latest Headlines

Little Esperion eyes big rivals as its cholesterol drug clears mid-stage hurdle

Esperion Therapeutics has taken another big stride along the clinical path for its cholesterol drug. The biotech reports that its drug ETC-1002 slashed levels of the bad cholesterol LDL, particularly when it was combined with Merck's Zetia, in a Phase IIb trial. And now that the mid-stage program is complete, the Ann Arbor, MI-based biotech finds itself at the threshold of a late-stage program with a drug the company feels can thread the market needle between cheap generics and a looming wave of rival biologics.

Vitamin B-3 could slow progression of muscle-wasting disorder

Vitamin B-3, or niacin, is an essential human nutrient that has been used for more than 50 years to boost levels of HDL, or good cholesterol, in the blood. Now, new research suggests that a form of the vitamin might also be used to treat adult-onset mitochondrial muscle diseases.

FDA tells Pharma not to fret about proving PCSK9 inhibitors reduce heart attacks

The FDA tried to ease the concerns of drugmakers Thursday when it said that companies working on a new class of cholesterol-lowering drugs known as PCSK9 inhibitors, may not have to prove they also...

Pfizer bets big on PCSK9 with 'massive' Phase III outcomes study

Tantalized by various megablockbuster projections for the PCSK9 field of cholesterol drugs, Pfizer has mapped out one of the most ambitious late-stage programs in the industry for RN-316. 

Troubled Merck shrugs off fresh doubts about late-stage heart drug

Merck's experimental anacetrapib is one of those massively expensive lottery programs that can spur dreams of huge revenue streams.

Alnylam posts positive PhI for RNAi cholesterol drug

Alnylam is pushing its latest RNAi drug through early clinical trials, highlighting the company's delivery platform that enables an effective gene-silencing treatment. This time, the RNA specialist published results from a successful Phase I study of its cholesterol drug ALN-PCS.

Isis Pharma fuels fervor for cardio drug with more midstage data

Isis Pharmaceuticals has revealed more enticing details about its midstage program for a blood fat-lowering drug. After wowing investors with data from a Phase II study in diabetics last month, Isis has served up another round of promising results from a small trial of the therapy in patients with high triglycerides on fibrates.

NYT: Amgen, Sanofi, Pfizer scramble to take lead in hot PCSK9 drug race

One of the hottest competitions in drug development has spurred Amgen, Sanofi and Pfizer to invest heavily in PCSK9 drug programs aimed at lowering bad cholesterol in a way that could prove a game-changer in the field of heart disease.

Resverlogix stock craters on failure of cardio drug trial

Resverlogix fell hard this afternoon on news that the company fell short in a midstage study of its lead HDL cholesterol-boosting drug. The Calgary-based biotech company said the Phase IIb study of RVX-208 failed to meet the goal of change in percent of atheroma volume in patients with a high risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

RNA molecule could reduce fat in bloodstream, regulate high cholesterol

Researchers have found an RNA molecule that interferes with the production of lipoproteins, which could provide the basis for new therapies to treat high cholesterol.