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Latest Headlines

Patients respond positively to Cynapsus film strip of apomorphine to combat Parkinson's

Cynapsus reported that 14 of the 16 Parkinson's disease patients responded positively in the Phase II trial of its reformulated thin-film strip version of the drug apomorphine, dubbed APL-130277, for the treatment of "off" episodes.

Civitas, NeuroDerm, EyeGate to pursue IPO dreams, combined $165M on the line

Israel's NeuroDerm filed for a stock offering on the basis of its subcutaneous formulation for treating Parkinson's; Civitas, the developer of an inhaled formulation for the disease, is expected to debut on the Nasdaq Sept. 24; and EyeGate Pharmaceuticals, which employs low-voltage electrical current to deliver eye medication, also just filed for an IPO.

Civitas announces positive results from Phase II inhaled levodopa trial

Civitas Therapeutics announced that its inhaled formulation of levodopa for the treatment of "off episodes" associated with Parkinson's disease met its primary clinical endpoint in a Phase II trial.

Cynapsus makes progress on sublingually delivered Parkinson's therapy

Cynapsus Therapeutics' sublingually delivered reformulation of the drug used to treat advanced Parkinson's disease cleared an initial clinical hurdle, the company said April 24.

Cynapsus' sublingual strip for severe Parkinson's reduces side effects in a study

Canada-based Cynapsus has come up with the first sublingual option for the delivery of apomorphine to patients with Parkinson's disease to control their debilitating "off" episodes. This week, the company heralded results from a study comparing the thin film strip with a subcutaneous injection of the same drug, noting a reduction in side effects.

Civitas corrals $38M for inhaled Parkinson's treatment

Civitas Therapeutics picked up $38 million in second-round financing to finish a Phase IIb trial and begin Phase III for its ARCUS respiratory delivery platform to treat Parkinson's disease.

Civitas' inhaled Parkinson's drug promises novel delivery with positive PhII results

Civitas Therapeutics heralded a successful Phase II trial result for its inhaled Parkinson's drug CVT-301, the novel delivery of which promises to make the disease more manageable for patients on an everyday basis, the company says.

Civitas' inhaled L-dopa Parkinson's treatment passes Phase I

Civitas Therapeutics generated positive top line results in a Phase I trial of CVT-301, its inhaled version of L-dopa to treat Parkinson's disease-related tremors. The drug, which is ingested through

Civitas gains Michael J. Fox Foundation funding for inhaled Parkinson's treatment trials

Civitas Therapeutics has secured new funding from The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, which will support clinical testing of its inhaled Parkinson's therapy through the...