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Latest Headlines

Mannkind's inhaled insulin still needs marketing partner

Mannkind endured a grueling 10-year battle for FDA approval of its inhaled insulin drug/device combination product, Afrezza. Now the dillema is how to sell it. The company needs to find a marketing partner fast. 

Database provides fresh evidence of effect of diabetes drugs on Alzheimer's

This week a German team presented data from a database analysis study that found a link between a diabetes drug and a slight dip in the risk of developing Alzheimer's.

Artificial pancreas beats out insulin pump in Type 1 diabetes study

Researchers at Boston University and Massachusetts General Hospital found patients with Type 1 diabetes who used an artificial pancreas synced wirelessly to an iPhone were more likely to have a normal range of blood glucose levels and fewer dangerous lows and highs.

AstraZeneca sponsors diabetes patient registry

The emergence of electronic health records has made it possible to build a more complete picture of the health of populations. To realize this vision for diabetes patients, AstraZeneca has signed up to sponsor a registry that gathers data from primary care physicians and specialists in other fields.

Implantable glucose monitoring company Senseonics raises $20M

Senseonics has raised a $20 million venture round to get its implantable blood glucose monitor for diabetics through pivotal trials.

Mannkind: Approval of inhaled insulin drug around the corner

Mannkind  officials signaled FDA approval of its inhaled diabetes  Afrezza  Inhalation Powder is likely at their May 22 shareholder meeting. 

Medtronic poaches GE exec to lead its $1.5B diabetes biz

Hooman Hakam will take the helm of R&D, operations and sales of the company's 5th-largest segment.

Merck recruits ex-Law & Order star for new diabetes campaign

With analysts recently speculating that Merck's top-selling Januvia could be plateauing, the New Jersey company has plenty of reasons to promote diabetes education. With its newest campaign, it's doing just that, and it's teaming up with actress S. Epatha Merkerson to get its message across.

Abbott wins FDA nod for diabetes blood test

Abbott Laboratories has secured the FDA's blessing to launch its latest diabetes diagnostic, a test that can help diagnose and monitor diabetics as well as flag patients at risk for developing the disease.

Enzyme micropumps deliver insulin in response to glucose levels

A small molecular pump devised by researchers from the U.S., Russia and Puerto Rico could offer a new insulin delivery method for people with diabetes, using enzymes to convert chemical energy into a propulsion system for drugs.