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Latest Headlines

Medtronic launches smartphone app enabling diabetics to remotely monitor their condition

Medtronic just launched a smartphone app enabling diabetes patients on its MiniMed continuous glucose monitor to view critical data remotely via their smartphone.

Intestinal resurfacing procedure to treat diabetes shows promise in early stage trial

Fractyl announced that 39 Type 2 diabetes patients treated using its investigative minimally invasive Revita Duodenal Mucosal Resurfacing System exhibited a reduction in blood sugar levels, mirroring the outcomes achieved via invasive bariatric surgery procedures.

Philips, Salesforce develop diabetes app, system to marry consumer and medical data

Royal Philips aims to roll out a series of programs for chronic diseases that marry consumer-oriented device data with the electronic medical record. The idea is to give patients and healthcare providers access to all the relevant data and analysis to improve self-care and medical care.

Sanofi's combo med LixiLan ready to go to FDA in ongoing scramble for diabetes dominance

Sanofi's diabetes franchise faces attack on multiple fronts, with its top-selling Lantus soon to go up against biosimilar competition and several meds facing stepped-up pricing pressures--not to mention new rivals from Eli Lilly & Co. and Novo Nordisk either already launched or on their way. But the French drugmaker has racked up another set of positive data on a new combo med that could help fortify its sales.

Tandem gains FDA approval for CGM-integrated insulin pump

Johnson & Johnson made a big splash in November when it garnered FDA approval for the first integrated insulin pump-continuous glucose monitor device, the Animas Vibe. Now small-cap Tandem Diabetes Care has nabbed the next nod from the agency for an insulin pump with an integrated CGM, the t:slim G4 Insulin Pump.

Google pairs with Sanofi for diabetes monitoring collaboration

Google is teaming up with French drugmaker Sanofi for a diabetes monitoring collaboration, furthering the tech giant's foray into medical devices and its commitment to developing innovative products for the disease.

FDA approves first self-contained, mobile continuous blood glucose monitor from Dexcom

Dexcom had put a bit of a Band-Aid on its mobile strategy--its prior smart device-compatible continuous glucose monitor required a separate worn transmitter and a dedicated handheld receiver. But now the FDA has approved the first CGM system, dubbed G5, which connects an all-in-one adhesive sensor/transmitter combo directly to an app on a smart device.

New diabetes device data puts Merck's Januvia on notice

Merck's Januvia has seen its fair share of competition from generics makers and other diabetes challengers. But now, it could face a new rival on the scene--and it's a device. 

Will pricey new drug classes take the wind out of diabetes launches?

The good news about diabetes drugs: Despite some aggressive moves by payers, coverage remains pretty high. The not-so-good news: Pricing pressure is here to stay. And the terrible possibility: Big new drug categories in other diseases, such as immunotherapies for cancer, could capture big chunks of payer budgets, prompting a bigger squeeze on diabetes meds.

Google hooks up with DexCom to apply miniaturized electronics to diabetes monitoring

Google has made yet another move to apply its IT wizardry to life sciences. The latest deal, which became public one day after Google unveiled its life science-motivated restructuring, sees the tech giant hook up with DexCom to marry its miniaturized electronics to diabetes sensors.