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Latest Headlines

Prometheon touts its transdermal delivery system for large molecules, prepares to launch hair growth gel

Prometheon Pharma says it has developed a breakthrough transdermal drug delivery system that can passively deliver large molecules like human growth hormone (which has a size of 2,200 daltons) across the skin.

Survey finds positive correlation between use of digital health tools and health status among diabetics

A survey of 2,000 Americans with diabetes found that those who regularly use digital tools and the Internet to manage their condition reported being in better health than those who do not.

Sanofi-backed virtual trial gets green light in Europe

A Sanofi-backed consortium has won clearance to run a virtual diabetes trial in Europe. The regulatory nod reportedly marks the first time European authorities have green-lit a clinical trial with full electronic informed consent.

San Diego company testing artificial pancreas made from stem cells

San Diego's Viacyte is testing its artificial, lab-grown pancreas in three humans.

Study finds Medtronic MiniMed's insulin suspension feature cuts incidence of low blood sugar in diabetics

Medtronic touted data from a retrospective study of 20,973 diabetes patients finding that the Threshold Suspend feature of its MiniMed 530G system is helpful in reducing episodes of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar.

Indian researchers use shock waves to deliver insulin, reducing need for injections

Researchers from Bangalore's Indian Institute of Science have developed a novel microcapsule drug delivery mechanism for insulin using micro-shock waves that reduces the need for those oft-dreaded needles.

Can Sanofi's kinder, gentler, inhalable Afrezza win reluctant patients over to insulin?

If your office has a pool on Sanofi's Afrezza launch--and come on, why not?--you're already tired of talking about Pfizer's failed version of an inhaled insulin, Exubera. You've entertained dubious comparisons between Afrezza, the needle-free version of a common insulin injection, and FluMist, the needle-free version of a common vaccine. You've made your list of reasons why other diabetes drugmakers aren't rushing around to come up with their own insulin inhalers.

J&J to distribute Insuline diabetes device in Russia to stem flagging diabetes care sales

Johnson & Johnson is partnering with Insuline Medical to register and distribute the Israeli company's InsuPad for promoting optimal absorption of insulin in diabetics by warming their injection site.

Baxter edges closer to mid-2015 split into separate biopharma, medical product companies

This year will be a rocky one for Baxter International as it aims to spin out its biopharmaceuticals business by mid-year to focus more closely on its diabetes-driven medical products. The new biopharma company already has been named Baxalta and its executives have been disclosed. Baxter declined to offer 2015 guidance for either of the companies.

FDA clears first glucose-monitoring system for mobile devices

The FDA has given its nod to the first glucose-monitoring app designed to be used with smartphones and other devices that can remotely track the health of a diabetic and "share" the information with up to 5 additional "followers."