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Latest Headlines

FDA approves first self-contained, mobile continuous blood glucose monitor from Dexcom

Dexcom had put a bit of a Band-Aid on its mobile strategy--its prior smart device-compatible continuous glucose monitor required a separate worn transmitter and a dedicated handheld receiver. But now the FDA has approved the first CGM system, dubbed G5, which connects an all-in-one adhesive sensor/transmitter combo directly to an app on a smart device.

New diabetes device data puts Merck's Januvia on notice

Merck's Januvia has seen its fair share of competition from generics makers and other diabetes challengers. But now, it could face a new rival on the scene--and it's a device. 

Will pricey new drug classes take the wind out of diabetes launches?

The good news about diabetes drugs: Despite some aggressive moves by payers, coverage remains pretty high. The not-so-good news: Pricing pressure is here to stay. And the terrible possibility: Big new drug categories in other diseases, such as immunotherapies for cancer, could capture big chunks of payer budgets, prompting a bigger squeeze on diabetes meds.

Google hooks up with DexCom to apply miniaturized electronics to diabetes monitoring

Google has made yet another move to apply its IT wizardry to life sciences. The latest deal, which became public one day after Google unveiled its life science-motivated restructuring, sees the tech giant hook up with DexCom to marry its miniaturized electronics to diabetes sensors.

UPDATED: Google joins forces with Dexcom for miniaturized glucose monitor

Google has been inking deals to expand its reach in patient monitoring and wearable health. In its latest foray the company will work with Dexcom to develop cheaper, miniaturized glucose monitors, combining its electronics platform with Dexcom's sensor technology to improve care for patients.

DexCom ups 2015 guidance but doesn't aim for profit; plans next-gen launches this year, in 2017

DexCom made a big splash last quarter when it launched a marketing campaign featuring teen pop idol Nick Jonas, who has Type 1 diabetes. The move to address its significant pediatric market helped the connected continuous glucose monitor company to new revenue heights--up 59% to $93.2 million in the second quarter as compared to a year ago.

J&J working with nonprofit to enable open-source software to combine diabetes device data

Johnson & Johnson's Animas is working with Type 1 diabetes technology nonprofit Tidepool to use its open-source software platform to assemble and analyze data for diabetes device, fitness and food tracking. The news comes in the wake of announcements in recent months from major diabetes device makers, including Medtronic, DexCom and Insulet, that they are partnering with startup Glooko to similarly enable connectivity as well as data transmission and analysis.

Lilly adds new Coco the Type 1 monkey tale to its Disney bookshelf

With a couple of meds for Type 1 diabetes--the type that's usually diagnosed in children and young adults--in its lineup, Eli Lilly has a vested interest in helping children and their parents understand the disease. And on that front, it's just released a new book to add to a growing collection of kid-friendly materials.

J&J lags in spine, trauma, diabetes and vision care but strong in electrophysiology, biosurgery

Medical devices continue to drag down Johnson & Johnson revenue growth, prompting executives to spend copious time analyzing the company's relative strengths in the segment on its latest earnings call.

China's Wuzhou says it will take 10% stake in oral insulin specialist Oramed for $52M

China's Guangxi Wuzhou Zhongheng Group disclosed that it intends to purchase a 10% stake in Israeli pharma company Oramed for $52 million, in return for exclusive Chinese distribution rights to its oral insulin following regulatory approval, according to a briefing from Reuters.