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Latest Headlines

Diabetes device sales bounce back at Abbott with FreeStyle Libre

Diabetes care at Abbott Laboratories has returned to sales growth as ex-U.S. sales of its new FreeStyle Libre kick in and the impact of diabetes device reimbursement reductions dropped off the books. The continuous glucose monitor eliminates regular finger sticks and has surpassed the company's sales expectations.

Merck aims for double payoff with new diabetes education push

With Januvia contributing billions in critical revenue, Merck has backed its fair share of diabetes education and awareness efforts. But with its latest, the company may give vaccine sales a boost, too.

Abbott's clearance to sell low-cost diabetes glucose monitor a sign of changing reimbursement rules

Abbott announced FDA clearance of its FreeStyle Precision Neo Blood Glucose Monitoring System as an over-the-counter product, and said it is the cheapest device in the diabetes meter and test strips arena.

J&J's Invokana fends off new SGLT2 rivals to hit $278M in Q1

Johnson & Johnson's SGLT2 inhibitor Invokana (canagliflozin)--among a handful of drugs in the new category of DPP-4 drugs for diabetes--not only took a big jump in sales for the first quarter but also made some significant market-share gains.

Devices continue to disappoint at J&J, but orthopedics, electrophysiology lead the way

Johnson & Johnson's device strategy of divesting its worst performing businesses--while pushing forward with the rollout of innovative products--has yet to pay off. But the company is hopeful that it can return the business to sales growth over the next year.

Medtronic grabs artificial pancreas tech from Israeli devicemaker

Medtronic snatched up artificial pancreas technology from Israel-based DreaMed Diabetes for its insulin pumps, the company's latest deal as it looks to diversify its diabetes offerings and cash in on a growing market.

Medtronic expands services push to diabetes care with acquisition of Diabeter

Med tech company executives often talk about the need to provide not just products but "solutions" to problems like meeting Affordable Care Act metrics at hospitals and lowering the cost of patient care. Now, Medtronic is expanding its push into healthcare services to a new front with the acquisition of the Netherlands' diabetes and research clinic Diabeter.

Gelesis gets $22M to advance stomach-filling hydrogel capsules to treat obesity

Gelesis has raised $22 million to support an ongoing 6-month trial of its first-generation weight loss capsule, Gelesis100. The company recently started the study to assess its impact on body weight and glycemic control. This data could be sufficient to gain a CE mark, the company expects.

Bacteria deliver molecule to gut to suppress hunger and ward off weight gain

To transport a hunger-suppressing molecule to the gut as a treatment for obesity, researchers at Vanderbilt University have put bacteria to work. The bacteria become lodged in the digestive system and release the lipid for up to a year at a time, altering the gut microbiome to stave off weight-related problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Study: U.S. healthcare reform has led to a diabetes diagnosis surge in states with Medicaid expansion

The enactment of the Affordable Care Act with its expansion of Medicaid benefits has led to an uptick in diabetes diagnoses by almost one-quarter, according to a study of deidentified test results from Quest Diagnostics. That's in states that opted to expand Medicaid under the new law during the first 6 months of 2014 as compared to the first 6 months of 2013.