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Latest Headlines

FDA clears first glucose-monitoring system for mobile devices

The FDA has given its nod to the first glucose-monitoring app designed to be used with smartphones and other devices that can remotely track the health of a diabetic and "share" the information with up to 5 additional "followers."

Australian team developing novel formulation to deliver common diabetes drug

Researchers at Curtin University's Biotechnology and Drug Development Research Laboratory in Perth, Australia, are developing a microcapsule formulation that they say improves the drug delivery and absorption of diabetes drugs.

Lilly snares formulary spots for diabetes meds, no pricing war necessary

The hepatitis C payer negotiations may be making the biggest headlines these days, but diabetes contracts were making headlines first. And if Eli Lilly & Co. and its drugs are any indication, those headlines are likely to continue.

DexCom: New CEO reports patient base grew by 50% in 2014

DexCom is a medical device standout with its aggressive revenue growth profile at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, CA. It prereported upbeat fourth quarter and 2014 results with unaudited 2014 product revenues up a whopping 64% to $257 million from the prior year.

GlySens gets $12M Series C for implantable continuous glucose monitor

GlySens will use a $12 million Series C financing to conduct a clinical trial for a second iteration of its receiver and implantable sensor that enable continuous glucose monitoring for diabetic patients.

Medtronic reaches another milestone in developing its artificial pancreas

Medical device giant Medtronic said it reached another milestone in developing an artificial pancreas with the completion of global evaluations of its new insulin delivery system.

MIT spinoff Microchips finishes development of its birth control, osteoporosis implant

Microchips Biotech says it's ready to send its delivery technology out into the world, this week announcing it has completed development and clinical demonstration of the drug-delivering implant.

Bayer to sell diabetes device biz for as much as $2.5B

Bayer hopes to sell its ailing diabetes device unit to help bolster growth and fund a potential acquisition of Zoetis. The conglomerate would like to focus more closely on medicines, which has been a faster growth area than devices.

Medtronic looks beyond Type 1 with a diabetes reorg

Medtronic's fastest growing business is in diabetes, which gained 10% to $430 million in the most recent quarter over a year ago. Now the medical device giant is looking to expand beyond its dominance in Type 1 diabetes that is based on the success of its insulin pump MiniMed. During an earnings call, Medtronic disclosed that it reorganized its diabetes group last quarter.

UPDATED: Who's the diabetes price-cutting culprit: Lilly, Sanofi or Novo?

Sanofi said Tuesday that its diabetes sales would be flat for 2015, thanks to payer contracts. Lantus, the company's top-selling drug with more than $7 billion in 2013 sales, was able to win reimbursement in 90% of the U.S. market, CEO Chris Viehbacher--departed as of today--said during the third-quarter earnings call.