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Latest Headlines

Baxter snaps up its hemophilia partner on the verge of a biotech breakup

Baxter is buying out collaborator Chatham Therapeutics for $70 million, planning to absorb the gene therapy specialist into its growing hemophilia R&D operation as it prepares to separate its drug and device businesses next year.

MannKind faces stiff skepticism in its third go at FDA approval

After two FDA rejections, MannKind has returned with more data on its long-delayed inhaled diabetes drug, but regulators see Afrezza as anything but a slam-dunk case, raising questions over the treatment's safety and efficacy before a scheduled review.

Roche teams with Molecular Partners on armed proteins in $1B-plus deal

Switzerland's Molecular Partners is convinced that it has created a better delivery vehicle for cancer drugs, and Roche is promising to pay up to a billion dollars-plus to see if they're right.

Catalent creates web-based tool to ease drug delivery tech selection

With researchers estimating that as many as 70% of new chemical entities (NCEs) are poorly soluble in water, service providers have scrambled to offer drug delivery technologies that improve bioavailability. But which is right for your active ingredient? Catalent has created software to help answer this question.

From Hollywood to healthcare: How 3-D modeling is shaping drug development

The rise of three-dimensional modeling software has changed how Hollywood studios make movies, architects plan skyscrapers and sportswear companies design running shoes. Now, the same software and design principles are changing how researchers develop drug delivery vehicles.

York students eye crowdfunding for nanoparticle cancer patch treatment work

York University students in the U.K. are developing a nanoparticle cancer treatment delivered through a patch, and they're turning to crowdfunding to raise money for their research.

Catalent inks Biota flu deal, shifts delivery biz

Following its marked growth over the past few years, New Jersey's Catalent is consolidating its drug delivery operation and teaming up with a drug developer to push a new influenza treatment forward.

Acorda grabs liquid and patch pain treatments for $8M-plus

Acorda Therapeutics is paying at least $8 million for two neuropathic pain drugs from NeurogesX. The deal adds patch and topical liquid treatments to the company's offerings.

UPDATED: Oramed launches oral insulin safety trial

Less than two months after getting the FDA go-ahead, Oramed Pharmaceuticals has enrolled the first patient in a Phase IIa trial for its oral insulin pill. The milestone apparently places it in the lead among companies trying to be the first to market with such a product.

Report: European injectable drug delivery market poised to soar

The European injectable drug delivery technologies market was already worth a substantial $6.8 billion in 2012. But that number should soar to $12.4 billion by 2017, Markets and Markets estimates in a new report.