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Surefire Medical gets $15M after FDA nod for targeted cancer drug delivery device

Surefire Medical has raised a $15 million series C round to back a global launch of its liver cancer drug delivery device. The FDA cleared the Surefire Precision earlier this year to conduct minimally invasive chemoembolization and radioembolization procedures.

Flowonix to develop drug delivery implant for Cerebral's neurological candidates

The blood-brain barrier has proven to be one of the body's most insurmountable barriers and has helped scupper several neurological candidates. A new drug delivery alliance aims to overcome the obstacle by bypassing it all together.

MIT spinout Portal gets $25M Series B to develop needle-free, biologics drug delivery system

Large molecule biologics aren't easy, convenient or painless for patients to administer since typically they require injections. Portal Instruments hopes to provide an alternative for patients, particularly those with chronic diseases who consistently require these injections. It's developing a computerized, needle-free drug delivery system for injectable biologics.

EyeGate ekes out a tiny IPO to fund its R&D efforts

Massachusetts' EyeGate Pharmaceuticals picked up $10 million in an IPO do-over, raising cash to support its sole clinical candidate.

Eli Lilly reveals drug delivery, device innovation center to be based in Cambridge

Eli Lilly will open a new drug delivery and device innovation center in Cambridge, MA. Medical devices aren't a focus for the pharma now--but it noted that more than half of its current pipeline candidates are biologics that require injection. It expects to double its revenues from device-enabled products by 2020 and is looking to have a hand in that arena.

Langer team offers up a hydrogel drug delivery vehicle at MIT

Researchers in the lab of MIT's Robert Langer have created a hydrogel that's designed to be much better than current technologies in getting drugs into patients and straight to where they are targeted.

Biotech upstart enGene preps first trial for next-gen 'gene pill' tech

Montreal-based enGene has lined up $11.5 million in venture financing to put its next-gen approach to an inflammatory bowel disease treatment through its first clinical test.

Medtronic reaches another milestone in developing its artificial pancreas

Medical device giant Medtronic said it reached another milestone in developing an artificial pancreas with the completion of global evaluations of its new insulin delivery system.

Bind shares dented after heralding cancer drug data from a mixed PhII

Bind Therapeutics believes its lead nanoparticle treatment can make a difference for a subgroup of lung cancer patients, pointing to some positive results from an otherwise mixed mid-stage trial as it prepares for further study.

Biogen scores fresh MS advance with blockbuster Plegridy OK

Billing it as the most important new innovation in the interferon drug class in a decade, Biogen Idec nailed down the FDA's approval of Plegridy, a new multiple sclerosis drug that patients can easily inject themselves with once every two weeks.