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Latest Headlines

Wearable data-storing 'electronic skin' could deliver drugs for epilepsy, Parkinson's

A new patch-like device designed by engineers at the University of Texas at Austin boasts a number of functions, including drug delivery for patients with movement disorders such as epilepsy or Parkinson's disease.

Novo Nordisk taps Zosano's microneedle patch for diabetes drug delivery

Zosano Pharma, the developer of a microneedle patch for various applications, has signed on with pharma giant Novo Nordisk to deliver semaglutide, an analogue used to treat Type 2 diabetes. Zosano is set to collect $60 million for the first product in the deal and $55 million for each additional one.

Drug delivery patch mimics adhesion used by beetles

Have you ever watched a beetle walk across the ceiling, appearing to defy the laws of gravity? What you're seeing is "wet adhesion," widely used in nature by insects and the like, and researchers in Taiwan are employing their crafted version of the technique to make patches that release drugs into the skin.

Patch-delivered estrogen treats prostate cancer with fewer side effects

Researchers in the U.K. have found that an estrogen patch is an effective way to treat prostate cancer compared with side effects-laden hormone injections and pills.

Phosphagenics oxymorphone pain patch close to clinic

Phosphagenics' 72-hour oxymorphone transdermal patch is set to enter the clinic next month, in a Phase I trial in Australia's Royal Adelaide Hospital. Results are expected as early as March.

NuPathe's migraine patch redesign earns FDA go-ahead

With the headache of a previous FDA rejection behind it, NuPathe finally gained the agency's approval for its migraine patch, Zecuity, a battery-powered delivery system designed to get a tried-and-true drug into the bloodstream.

Agile snags $15M loan to push pipeline products forward

Agile Therapeutics has snagged a term loan facility for up to $15 million from Oxford Finance to help push forward its pipeline of contraceptive patches in clinical and preclinical development.

Patch improves birth control compliance

In a Phase III trial of Agile Therapeutics' combination contraceptive patch, AG200-15, women were much less likely to miss days of contraception with the patch than with the birth control pill.

Zosano inks Asian deal worth $32.5M-plus for drug patch tech

Zosano Pharma has revealed a potentially lucrative new use of its transdermal patch technology, through a deal with Asahi Kasei Pharma (AKP) to develop the Freemont, CA-based firm's patches for

Intercell seeks drug-patch partners after stock meltdown

Struggling biotech Intercell isn't giving up on its needless patch system for delivering vaccines. After its vax patch flunked multiple trials last year, the Austria-based firm is on the hunt for new