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Latest Headlines

Gilead's John Martin scores 'best CEO' trophy for huge stock gains

U.S. CEO watchers can't get enough of Gilead Sciences chief John Martin. After catching bouquets from Harvard Business Review and a Tuck School of Business executive rater, Martin now wins the annual "best chief executive" trophy from investment firm Morningstar.

Gilead blazes ahead in hep C pricing battle with two new PBM deals

Gilead Sciences is gaining ground in its hep C pricing battle with AbbVie. One week after the drugmaker joined forces with Anthem to make Harvoni the primary option for the PBM's 30 million patients, Gilead inked similar deals with Humana and Harvard Pilgrim, edging out its competitor and raising the stakes in the companies' ongoing war.  

German cost gatekeeper spurns Gilead's Zydelig for CLL

Gilead Sciences was dealt a stinging blow from Germany's price watchdog IQWiG over its cancer-fighting drug Zydelig (idealisib), as the cost-effectiveness gatekeeper found the drug has no added benefit for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia compared with existing therapies.

Gilead Sciences adds fuel to fire in hep C pricing battle with Anthem deal

Gilead is joining forces with Anthem, the biggest provider of health coverage to U.S. businesses, to make Harvoni the primary option for patients, setting the stage for a hep C showdown.

Gilead buys its way into the blockbuster NASH race with $470M deal

Gilead Sciences has shouldered its way into one of the industry's hottest fields, agreeing to pay as much as $470 million to get its hands on potential treatments for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

Get ready to negotiate, drugmakers: Payers are armed for drug-pricing battle

If 2014 was the year of the emboldened U.S. payer, then 2015 promises to be the year of the pharma negotiator.

Does the AbbVie-Express Scripts pact signal drug-price Armageddon?

Express Scripts may have warned the world that it would use its gatekeeper status to force big hepatitis C discounts. But when word of its exclusive, discounted deal with AbbVie actually hit on Monday, analysts went a-Twitter, biotech shares slid, other payers pricked up their ears--and media outlets went berserk.

India warns Egyptian companies claiming to have Sovaldi for sale

Companies in Egypt have been advertising Indian-made versions of Gilead Sciences' hepatitis C cure Sovaldi for sale. The problem is, none of the 7 drugmakers that were granted the right to produce the drug, 6 of them Indian companies, have gotten past development with the product. That suggests that whatever is being sold in Egypt is not really generic Sovaldi.

Sorry, Gilead. AbbVie cuts exclusive hep C deal with Express Scripts

AbbVie has made Express Scripts' wish come true. Or perhaps it's the other way around. The proud new parent of Viekira, a highly anticipated hepatitis C cocktail, AbbVie now has exclusive access to millions of the pharmacy benefits manager's patients in return for a "significant discount" off its $85,000 list price.

Gilead buys into Ono's cancer drug as it scales up in oncology

Gilead Sciences is pushing further into oncology R&D, teaming up with Ono Pharmaceutical on a cancer treatment that could complement its first major success in the field.