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Glioblastoma project IDs a new approach to brain cancer and understanding EGFR

Investigators say that they've identified a pathway that can be used to target brain tumor stem cells, adding to potential therapeutic strategies for the aggressive disease glioblastoma.

VBL craters after PhII psoriasis and ulcerative colitis flops, decision to punt drug

It took a while for VBL Therapeutics to actually complete its IPO last year. And this morning it may be wishing it hadn't succeeded as its stock price crashed following the failure of its midstage studies of a new drug for psoriasis and ulcerative colitis.

UT team zeroes in on a new small molecule target for glioblastomas

A team of neurologists at UT Southwestern notes that EGFR is activated when epidermal growth factor (EGF) binds to it, promoting tumor growth and damping down its response to chemo. And they believe they may have found a particular pathway during their research that could prove attractive for developers involved in oncology.

Brain tumor treatment device gets early trial halt for efficacy as a combo with chemo

The only FDA-approved, wearable cancer treatment device may expand its reach. A Phase III trial of Optune (NovoTTF-100A System) from Novocure was halted early due to statistically significant efficacy for the device in combination with chemotherapy to treat newly diagnosed glioblastoma patients.

Northwest Bio begins German vax trial as glioblastoma market poised to double

With the expected launch of Northwest Biotherapeutics' dendritic cell-based therapeutic vaccine DCVax-L, the glioblastoma multiforme drug market is expected to grow rapidly, from $305 million in 2012 to $583 million in 2019, according to market research.

Johns Hopkins team delivers cancer-killing DNA to mouse brains with nanovehicles

Johns Hopkins researchers published a study showing they can use biodegradable nanoparticles to carry DNA to brain cancer cells. The animal study suggests that these vehicles could deliver what they call "death genes" to the cells, treating the cancer while preserving healthy brain cells in the process.

Antipsychotic drugs may have another use: Treating deadly brain tumors

A class of FDA-approved antipsychotic drugs may provide a new approach to treating the most aggressive form of primary brain cancer, glioblastoma.

Northwest Bio shoots for dendritic success where others have failed

Bethesda, MD's Northwest Biotherapeutics has watched as rivals Dendreon and ImmunoCellular have run into serious roadblocks with personalized cancer vaccines over the past year, but with a major Phase III study underway, the biotech believes it can change the narrative.

Agenus mounts a comeback on positive results for its brain cancer vaccine

The cancer immunotherapy biotech Agenus has continued its march back from a big R&D setback earlier in the year, seeing its share price spike 36% this morning after posting positive results for a single-arm Phase II study of one of its brain cancer vaccines.

Scientists trumpet preclinical success of combo immunotherapy against brain cancer

An investigative team at the University of Zurich says they have nailed down some clear proof-of-principle evidence in animal studies that a combination of interleukin-12 used in a combo immunotherapy approach offers a promising new avenue of research in tackling lethal cases of brain cancer.