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Latest Headlines

MIT's Robert Langer turned out to be a pretty mellow guy

After years of writing about companies with technology that stemmed from the mind of legendary MIT professor Robert Langer, I finally got to chat with him on the phone.

MicroCHIPS' wireless implantable device delivered osteoporosis drug in people

MicroCHIPS heavily promoted some long-awaited good news this week about its wireless, implantable drug delivery microchip. A small human trial proved that it can work in people, and the patients were...

MicroCHIPS granted new patent for implantable device

Drug delivery device developer MicroCHIPS, based in Waltham, MA, has been granted a U.S. Patent that, the company says, "provides broad coverage for the design and fabrication of reservoir-based

MicroCHIPS begins testing implantable osteoporosis pump

MicroCHIPS of Bedford, MA, is initiating its first test for its implantable pump to deliver human parathyroid hormone marketed by Eli Lilly as Forteo, a drug that can actually rebuild bone in women