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Latest Headlines

Teva's long-delayed MS contender runs into yet another setback

Teva Pharmaceutical's quixotic efforts to develop a next-generation multiple sclerosis therapy hit another snag as safety issues forced the company to limit dosing in a pair of ongoing trials designed to support approval.

EMA warns of PML, cancer risks from Novartis' Gilenya

Earlier this year, U.S. regulators updated the label of Novartis' multiple sclerosis pill, Gilenya, to reflect cases of serious brain infections linked to the treatment. And now, its counterparts across the pond are following suit.

MS program identifies a new pathway for drug developers

Scientists studying the way in which multiple sclerosis develops say they have identified a new mechanism of action behind the disease that may offer a new pathway for drug developers.

Pharma brands need the human touch, and MS marketing offers some ideas

What's the best path forward for healthcare brands? It starts with making a difference and serving the people they're working to connect with, according to Digitas Health executive director Graham Mills--and that's something he says marketers in the multiple sclerosis space already do exceptionally well.

UCLA scientist points to pregnancy hormone as a safe, simple MS therapy

A UCLA researcher says that giving the pregnancy hormone estriol to multiple sclerosis patients along with their regular medications helped reduce the number of relapses the group suffered from. And now she's hunting for enough financial support to put her work to a pivotal clinical test.

MedDay misses endpoint in PhIII multiple sclerosis vision loss trial

A Phase III trial of MedDay's multiple sclerosis drug has missed its primary endpoint. The drug, which made headlines in April when it was shown to improve mobility, failed to outperform the placebo in terms of improving the vision of people with multiple sclerosis.

Analysts improve outlook for Teva's Copaxone as it shakes off Novartis competition

Teva did everything in its power to block generic copies of lead drug Copaxone from hitting the market. But now that one is here--Novartis' Glatopa--the Israeli drugmaker's giant is faring better than industry watchers expected.

Buoyed by rising tide of Aubagio scripts, Sanofi aims for €2B in MS sales

Sanofi's Aubagio may be stepping out of the shadow of its rivals. For the third quarter, Aubagio brought in €225 million ($247 million), an amount easily dwarfed by Gilenya's $696 million and Tecfidera's $937 million. But that was a major leap for Aubagio--81%--compared with slowing growth for the other two meds.

Roche looks to shake up the MS market with some promising Phase III data

Roche's much-hyped multiple sclerosis treatment ocrelizumab kept up its momentum with the release of detailed late-stage data, burnishing hopes the injected drug is a blockbuster in the making.

Biogen, Sanofi, Novartis tout long-term benefits at ECTRIMS as new competition advances

Biogen, Sanofi and Novartis are all touting new data showing long-term benefits for their respective meds at this year's European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) meeting--and with tough new competition on the way, they may need it.