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Latest Headlines

Sanofi decides to take a second shot on Lemtrada app

Sanofi is walking away from any plans to appeal the FDA's emphatic rejection of the multiple sclerosis drug Lemtrada, at least for now. But rather than launching the added trial that the FDA demanded ahead of any possible approval, the company thinks it has a shot at answering the FDA's concerns with a new application.

Supreme Court to hear Teva's Copaxone appeal

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal of a lower court's decision to invalidate Teva's Copaxone patent, which if restored will shield the drug until September 2015. The decision may, in the least, leave competitors wary of proceeding with generics, giving Teva more time to convert patients to a new, long-acting version of the treatment.

Biogen hits an FDA speed bump with its next-gen MS drug

The FDA said it needs three more months to consider Biogen Idec's Plegridy, an injectable multiple sclerosis treatment, delaying an expected midyear launch for the company's latest entrant in its blockbuster MS franchise.

Teva's early Copaxone-switching success turns analysts into believers

Early progress doesn't always equal long-term success. But at least in the case of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries--which is firing on all cylinders to convert patients to a new, long-acting version of Copaxone--early results have some analysts thinking the Israeli company may deliver on its promise to switch 30% to 50% of patients.

Merck KGaA shores up Rebif defenses to fend off new MS rivals

Merck KGaA's multiple sclerosis treatment Rebif is holding its own. Considering that the German drugmaker's flagship product faces some formidable new competitors--including Biogen Idec's brand-new powerhouse, Tecfidera--that's not too shabby.

Biogen Idec hits its first price hurdle for Tecfidera in the EU

Biogen Idec's hot-selling multiple sclerosis drug Tecfidera has to win reimbursement in individual European countries where governments have gotten stingy about parting with healthcare dollars. A decision Thursday by U.K. price watchdog NICE is an indication of the cost hurdles to be faced.

New therapeutic target for multiple sclerosis could help repair damaged brain cells

A new therapeutic target involved in stimulating the growth of damaged brain cells could provide new ways to treat multiple sclerosis.

Teva stands by its MS pill after yet another setback

European regulators recommended against Teva Pharmaceutical's laquinimod, marring the Isreali company's odds of crossing the finish line with its once-promising multiple sclerosis treatment, a drug it hopes can dull the blow of the soon-to-go-generic Copaxone.

Sanofi's MS pill Aubagio wins final thumbs-up from U.K. cost-effectiveness watchdogs

After a December flip-flop, the word from NICE on Sanofi's Aubagio is now final: The British cost watchdog has recommended the multiple sclerosis pill for use in Britain's National Health Service, tallying a victory for an MS franchise that has seen some recent ups and downs.

Innovimmune inhibitor prevents multiple sclerosis in mice

A small-molecule inhibitor developed by Innovimmune Biotherapeutics prevents multiple sclerosis from developing in mice.