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Latest Headlines

Study: Schizophrenics on J&J's injectable fare better than those on oral meds

In a study, Janssen Pharmaceuticals' once-a-month injectable for schizophrenia resulted in better outcomes than daily oral competitors, as measured by real-world (as opposed to strictly clinical) outcomes like arrest or psychiatric hospitalization.

J&J hosts oral biologics startup at its new incubator to help it find Remicade's replacement

Startup Applied Molecular Transport is aiming to mimic the systems used by naturally occurring microbes in the gastrointestinal tract to develop oral biologics that can cross the organ's barriers. Johnson & Johnson demonstrated its interest in the drug delivery paradigm by making the company one of the 10 first occupants of its life science incubator in South San Francisco.  

Genzyme touts postmarket study of Cerdelga, the only first-line oral therapy for Gaucher disease

Rare disease specialist Genzyme talked up the results of a study published in  The Journal of the American Medical Association  concluding that the only first-line oral therapy for Gaucher disease reduced spleen size 28% compared to placebo after 9 months.

Oral drugs derived from snail venom could offer less invasive pain management

Researchers have developed the basis for a new class of oral drugs derived from the venom of the cone snail that they say could be used to treat chronic nerve pain with fewer side effects than morphine. 

Oramed touts PhIIa insulin pill study results; analysts say 'Prove it'

Israel's Oramed touted results from a successful Phase IIa trial of its insulin pill, saying the oral Type 2 diabetes treatment is safe and well-tolerated. But since then, some analysts and media outlets have criticized the company for being less than forthcoming about the data.

Oral flu vaccine melts in your mouth

Delivery company MonoSol Rx is collaborating with BiondVax Pharmaceuticals to develop an oral flu vaccine in a thin film that melts in the mouth in less than 20 seconds, creating a dose that could be stable enough to be mailed out to patients.

Chiasma closes multimillion-dollar funding to support oral acromegaly trial

Privately held biopharma Chiasma has closed a $38.5 million equity financing and will use the funding to complete the pivotal Phase III trial of Octreolin, an oral formulation of the peptide octreotide in development for the treatment of acromegaly. The clinical trial is expected to complete in the second quarter of 2013.

Intellipharmaceutics raises $5M to advance tamper-resistant oxycodone

Canada's Intellipharmaceutics International ($IPCI), a specialist in controlled-release drug formulations, is raising $5 million to fuel anticipated U.S. clinical trials for Rexista, a patented version of the highly addictive pain killer oxycodone designed to resist abuse.

GW's cannabis-based mouth spray gains Austrian OK for MS spasms

British drug developer GW Pharmaceutical will debut its cannabis-based pain therapy Sativex in Austria as a treatment for MS-related spasticity sometime in 2012, following regulatory approval

Pharmaxis-supported study shows potential for inhaled powder CF treatment

Adding a new long-term inhaled dry powder version of mannitol to standard therapy helps improve lung function in cystic fibrosis patients for up to a year, according to a new study. But the forced