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Latest Headlines

Boston Scientific launches a new clinical trial of its deep brain stimulation device

Boston Scientific is ramping up neuromodulation efforts with a new clinical trial of its implantable deep brain stimulation device for patients with Parkinson's disease.

Impax gives it another go with a once-rejected Parkinson's drug

After a manufacturing problem irked the FDA and scared off partner GlaxoSmithKline, Impax Laboratories is resubmitting its investigational drug for Parkinson's disease, hoping it can clear an agency inspection and finally get its treatment on the market.

Wearable data-storing 'electronic skin' could deliver drugs for epilepsy, Parkinson's

A new patch-like device designed by engineers at the University of Texas at Austin boasts a number of functions, including drug delivery for patients with movement disorders such as epilepsy or Parkinson's disease.

NeuroDerm preps for Parkinson's patch PhII trial

Israeli subcutaneous delivery company NeuroDerm is forging ahead with its Parkinson's patch, enrolling patients in its second Phase II clinical trial of its patch pump designed to treat the disease with steady concentrations of the tried-and-true drug levodopa.

Ezose Sciences will explore glycans as a possible Parkinson's biomarker

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research is giving money to Ezose Sciences in New Jersey to look at the role that glycans play in Parkinson's disease.

Cynapsus' sublingual strip for severe Parkinson's reduces side effects in a study

Canada-based Cynapsus has come up with the first sublingual option for the delivery of apomorphine to patients with Parkinson's disease to control their debilitating "off" episodes. This week, the company heralded results from a study comparing the thin film strip with a subcutaneous injection of the same drug, noting a reduction in side effects.

Roche signs Prothena for up to $600M in Parkinson's drug development deal

Prothena's PRX002, a preclinical treatment targeting Parkinson's disease, is at the heart of a deal with Swiss pharma giant Roche, worth up to $600 million plus 30% of U.S. profits to the Irish biotech.

Chemical fingerprint points to a likely biomarker for 'fast' form of Parkinson's

A new study out of UCLA points to a potential biomarker for identifying which patients have the "fast" form of the disease and will need significant help early on.

Skin may conceal a viable Parkinson's biomarker

Spotting early-stage Parkinson's disease is a major goal, because it could be key to developing treatments that stop, or at least slow its progression. But where can you reliably find the best biomarker to accomplish this? It might be just under the skin, researchers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have concluded.

Research finds possible biomarker for Parkinson's with mild cognitive impairment

Parkinson's disease is bad enough, but when it also involves dementia the condition is particularly difficult. A recent study published online in PLoS ONE suggests that lipids involved in ceramide metabolism may serve as a biomarker for people with Parkinson's who are at increased risk for mild cognitive impairment.