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Latest Headlines

Proteus wins FDA device clearance for digital pill monitoring tech

Proteus Digital Health gained FDA de novo clearance for a new ingestible sensor designed to be combined with a drug, capping a four-year process of working with regulators to find the best approval path for the novel product.

Novartis has big plans for SmartPills

Dark Daily, which covers clinical laboratory and pathology news, gives us an update on SmartPills developed by California-based Proteus Biomedical. Early versions operated as a kind of high-tech

Ingestible smart-pill sensor will relay patient data

Novartis says it's closing in on producing a pill that, once swallowed, can transmit data on the drug's effect on the patient. And of all the regulatory issues the smart pill will raise, near the top

Proteus raises $25M, gets Raisin 510(k)

Proteus Biomedical raised $25 million in a Series E funding round, from investors including Medtronic, Novartis and ON Semiconductor, for developing, manufacturing and commercializing intelligent