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Latest Headlines

MIT spinoff Microchips finishes development of its birth control, osteoporosis implant

Microchips Biotech says it's ready to send its delivery technology out into the world, this week announcing it has completed development and clinical demonstration of the drug-delivering implant.

MIT spinoff SQZ Biotech nabs startup prizes for cell-squeezing delivery enhancer

With small but prestigious contributions from the scientific community, SQZ Biotech is looking to launch its CellSqueeze platform to be used in commercial applications.

Robert Langer talks science, business and how they intersect

BOSTON--Master scientist and entrepreneur Robert Langer offered his thoughts on those topics and their relationship to drug delivery to FierceDrugDelivery in his MIT office and later to the field at large at the Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery conference in Boston.

MIT, MicroCHIPS develop remote-controlled contraceptive with on-off delivery

A new contraceptive implant developed by Lexington, MA-based MicroCHIPS could give women remote-controlled access to their hormone administration, offering up to 16 years of specifically dosed delivery and thus more authority over their birth control regimens.

Kala reels in $22.5M to get its next-gen eye drops into PhIII

Kala Pharmaceuticals, co-founded by MIT biotech luminary Robert Langer, has closed a $22.5 million B round, cash the company says will help advance its novel approach to eye treatments.

The year in nanotech drug delivery

Here at FierceDrugDelivery, we write often about innovations in nanotechnology as it becomes more and more important in the delivery field. These advances are mostly in the very early stages, but they're still promising as the delivery field moves even further into the nanoscale.

Microchip coated with cells gives insight into nanoparticle penetration

MIT professor and entrepreneur Robert Langer is behind another innovative nanotechnology application for drug delivery, this time helping develop a model that could help researchers understand the way nanoparticles penetrate blood vessel walls.

French wound-closure startup with a $10.8M Series A is latest project by Robert Langer

MIT scientist and entrepreneur Robert Langer is co-founding yet another new med tech company, this time in France. Gecko Biomedical debuts with nearly $11 million in Series A financing, focused on a light-activated, biodegradable, non-toxic adhesive designed to close wounds inside the body.

Delivery guru Robert Langer discusses nanomeds, up-and-coming ventures, new frontiers

FierceDrugDelivery  spoke with the prolific drug delivery expert about the field's future, regarding nanotechnology in particular, as well as some of the projects Langer's lab and various business ventures are undertaking currently to make next-gen nanomedicine a reality.

Langer lab makes synthetic 'good cholesterol' for cardiovascular drug delivery

MIT professor and biotech entrepreneur Robert Langer and colleagues have created a synthetic version of the natural high-density lipoprotein--or "good cholesterol"--for use in drug delivery to treat cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis.