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Latest Headlines

Roche takes a gamble on Upsher-Smith's anti-inflammatory project

Roche is joining forces with Upsher-Smith on a Phase II therapy with potential in inflammatory disease, in-licensing the drug with plans to flesh out its promise before taking the plunge on late-stage development.

UPDATED: Roche abandons a marquee antibiotics collaboration with Polyphor

Two years ago, Roche stirred some renewed excitement in the antibiotics field when it signed on to partner with Switzerland's Polyphor on a midstage program, committing up to $560 million on a deal that heralded the pharma giant's return to the field. Today, though, Roche dropped out of the collaboration but promised to maintain its commitment to the antibiotics field.

Delhi court rules against Cipla's copy of Roche's Tarceva but allows sales to continue

Indian drug giant Cipla caught a break of sorts when a court in New Delhi ruled that while the company had infringed the patent held by Roche on the lung cancer drug Tarceva (erlotinib hydrochloride), Cipla can continue selling its copy in light of the fact the patent expires in March 2016.

Roche's blockbuster-hopeful immunotherapy shows promise in skin cancer

Roche, angling for third place among companies in the growing field of immuno-oncology, is touting promising early data for its so-called checkpoint inhibitor in skin cancer, building its case for the wide use of its in-development therapy.

New York man convicted of selling counterfeit and illegal drugs in U.S.

William Scully, one of two owners of Medical Device King based in New York, was convicted on charges that he sold more than $17 million worth of fake or unapproved drugs that were manufactured overseas.

Indian court says officials can process Reliance package insert for cancer drug

A court in New Delhi has given permission for the Drug Controller General of India to process the application by Reliance Life Sciences for a breast cancer drug package.

Discounts not enough to sway U.K. gatekeeper to back Roche's Kadcyla

The drug pricing debate is heating up stateside, but across the pond, it's been hot for some time. Adding fuel to the fire--about Roche's breast cancer med Kadcyla, at least--U.K. cost-effectiveness gatekeepers gave a final thumbs-down to the drug, two weeks after England's special oncology drugs fund agreed to cover the med at a discount.

Roche joins Novartis' billion-dollar bet on Ophthotech's eye drug

Roche's Genentech is pairing up with Novartis to split the ex-U.S. rights to an Ophthotech eye drug, opting into an agreement that could be worth more than $1 billion.

Diagnostics companies jump into rapidly growing market for point-of-care superbug tests

As drug-resistant superbug infections continue to rise, diagnostics companies are rolling out rapid, point-of-care devices that can quickly identify infectious bacteria and potentially cut down on the need for unnecessary antibiotics, cashing in on a growing market for the tools.

Four Roche plants go up for sale in move to more high-potency, targeted drugs

Roche will close four plants around the world and lay off 1,200 people as it moves to new technology for manufacturing small molecule drugs. It says it will build a late-stage technical development and launch facility in Switzerland for targeted, high-potency drugs.