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Latest Headlines

Roche misses the mark in 2014 despite sales wins

Roche announced a mixed bag of 2014 earnings that rang in below analysts' estimates, reporting a dip in revenue despite increases in sales for new cancer treatments. But the Swiss drugmaker is forecasting "solid" sales growth in 2015.

Roche's late-stage R&D strategy tests the enthusiasm for immuno-oncology

Rolling out disappointing numbers today, Roche CEO Severin Schwan played the immuno-oncology card while trying to make the case that the pharma giant still has a hot hand in the late-stage drug development game.

Roche nabs FDA OK for drug-resistant bacteria test

Roche got an FDA green light for its drug-resistant MRSA/SA test, chalking up another regulatory win and expanding the company's offerings on its cobas 4800 system.

Roche's Ventana inches closer to FDA approval for lung cancer companion Dx

Roche's Ventana Medical Systems has submitted its companion diagnostic test for ALK1-positive lung cancer for FDA approval, inching the company closer to full regulatory approval for the product and helping it gain ground in a fiercely competitive cancer diagnostics market.

Strong dollar plus strong franc equals worries for global Big Pharma

When it comes to currency, it's not been a good couple of weeks for multinational drugmakers. Switzerland's move to decouple the franc from the euro last week raised questions about the effects on Basel-based Roche and Novartis. And now, Johnson & Johnson's fourth-quarter results and 2015 forecast are triggering more foreign exchange worries.

Roche bets $545M on Trophos' once-failed orphan drug

Roche has signed a deal to trade up to €470 million ($545 million) for Trophos, a company at work on a mid-stage treatment for the rare and debilitating spinal muscular atrophy.

J. Craig Venter's Human Longevity partners with Roche to provide whole-genome sequencing

A fresh wave of biopharma companies are partnering and investing in genome sequencing companies to integrate their data into the drug development process. The latest deal on this front pairs Roche with startup Human Longevity.

Roche's long-dead drug dalcetrapib may be revived in new study

Scientists in Canada say they have drilled down into the massive data files from the development effort for cholesterol drug dalcetrapib and found that a subset of patients with the right genetic profile benefited greatly from the drug. And now they plan to follow up with a new study in an effort to revive the long-dead drug.

What's next for next-gen sequencing? Everything.

SAN FRANCISCO--More than a few presentations at the JP Morgan Healthcare conference this week sought to address the future of next-generation sequencing, particularly with the huge waves of related news.

Roche inks a $750M antibiotics deal as it re-embraces the field

Following through on its sweeping return to antibiotics R&D, Roche has agreed to pay up to $750 million to get its hands on an early-stage drug that helps existing treatments battle drug-resistant infections.