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Latest Headlines

Parexel opens Singapore distribution facility

As drugmakers expand drug development and manufacturing around the world, logistics become important and often challenging. Suppliers, as well as drugmakers, have to figure out how to get ingredients and supplies to new destinations. Parexel is latching onto that opportunity with a new distribution center in Singapore, as well as expansion of operations in Billerica, MA.

CMO born from $2.6 billion merger comes on the scene as DPx

A new company, initially dubbed NewCo and created by the $2.6 billion merger of contract manufacturer Patheon and Netherlands-based DSM Pharmaceutical Products, has officially broken onto the scene. It has been given the moniker of DPx and starts its corporate life as one of the largest contract manufacturing and development groups in the world.

Cinven swoops in to buy control of CRO Medpace for $915M

The private equity group announced this morning that it will buy out Medpace, continuing an M&A trend that has spurred a sizable shakeout of the CRO business in recent years. With outsourcing growing increasingly popular in the biopharma industry, the financiers are finding some significant upside in buying--and then selling--CROs.

Cytovance expands its biologics manufacturing and warehousing operations

With the the coming entry of biosimilars in the U.S. and expansion of that market in Europe, biologic drugs are going to be in greater demand, as will the contract manufacturers who can supply the cell lines and special services needed to get them to market. Okalahoma-based Cytovance Biologics is joining a number of CMOs that are adding capacities to tap that growth.

FDA recall questions the sterility of eye drops made in Vietnam

The FDA said Friday that Mentholatum is recalling a variety of over-the-counter eye drops after a review of manufacturing facilities raised questions of sterility. In another sign of the globalization issues facing the FDA, the drops being recalled were manufactured in Vietnam.

Pfizer outsources PhIII Bosulif study to upstart Avillion

Avillion has scored one of its first risk-sharing deals on a late-stage pharma asset, striking a deal to do a Phase III study of Pfizer's Bosulif (bosutinib) as a first-line treatment for patients with chronic phase Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myelogenous leukemia.

Patheon's deal for DSM would transform it into the second largest CMO in the world

Private investment firm JLL Partners is orchestrating a $2.6 billion merger of its Canadian contract manufacturer Patheon ($PTI) with the Netherlands-based DSM Pharmaceutical Products on the bet that the combined company will grow in a growing niche of the industry.

Patheon invests in U.K. plant, posts operating loss

CMO Patheon is investing in a U.K. site to increase capacity and add capabilities, including automated capsule filling. The expansion comes as Patheon prepares to merge with DSM's pharma business under the ownership of JLL Partners.

Fast-growing ICIG adds peptide manufacturer

International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG) has nabbed another operation to fold into its contract manufacturing arm Corden Pharma group: Peptisyntha, a Brussels, Belgium-based custom manufacturer of peptides for pharmaceuticals. It will become its third site offering this service.

Amarin asks FDA to approve Novasep as Vascepa partner

Irish drugmaker Amarin continues to stack up manufacturing partners for the API for its fish oil drug Vascepa. While its decision to launch the drug without a partner has meant slow going in getting it to market, Amarin has pushed ahead with deals with contract manufacturers, hoping to get FDA approval for a fourth API maker.