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Latest Headlines

J&J partners with San Diego startup Cue to develop portable HIV viral load Dx

Johnson & Johnson has partnered with Cue to develop a portable, inexpensive and internet-enabled HIV viral load test that would enable physicians in poor countries to more easily determine if a particular drug regimen is effective or not.

Nikon makes strategic investment in Thiel-backed cheap, safe handheld X-ray startup

Nikon has made an undisclosed investment in hand-held X-ray tech company Tribogenics. The focus right now is to use the technology for industrial uses, but medical applications are also on the horizon. A sub-$10K hand-held, medical X-ray machine would have obvious and widespread implications, particularly in the developing world where there's little existing medical imaging infrastructure.

Cellnovo partners with TypeZero in major NIH-backed artificial pancreas trial in Type 1 diabetics

Paris-based Cellnovo Group has partnered with TypeZero Technologies to be part of a previously announced clinical trial of an artificial pancreas that's being backed by a $12.8 million grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Cellnovo's connected insulin patch pump will be used in conjunction with TypeZero's inControl AP software and a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor to form the whole of the artificial pancreas system being tested.

UPDATED: J&J goes all in with ViaCyte, hands over BetaLogics assets in hunt for diabetes cure

Back in the summer of 2014, J&J sunk $20 million into San Diego-based ViaCyte, picking up an option to acquire its lead therapy for Type 1 diabetes just as it was headed into human testing for the first time. But now, instead of buying it out, the pharma giant is handing over its in-house rival BetaLogics in New Jersey, merging the two operations and their accumulated intellectual property into a single, clinical-stage operation that will take a stab at developing a stem cell cure for diabetes.

Philips partners with Validic to integrate data from third-party devices, apps

Royal Philips is working to bridge the gap to integrate consumer health and third-party device data into its massive platform that collects, integrates and analyzes medical records, imaging and monitoring data, HealthSuite. To do so, it's working with digital health connectivity player Validic in a new partnership.

Takeda ups bet on Mersana's armed antibodies to $1B-plus, snags lead drug rights

Whatever Takeda learned about Cambridge, MA-based Mersana Therapeutics over the course of its two-year collaboration, the experience left them eager for much, much more. The biotech announced today that the Japanese pharma company snagged ex-U.S. commercial rights to its lead preclinical antibody drug conjugate while expanding the realm of their partnership to include a range of new targets.

Japan's Daiichi Sankyo joins clinical trial data request system

Tokyo-based Daiichi Sankyo said it would join with a mix of foreign multinationals and Japanese companies in sharing clinical trial data with qualified researchers.

Sanofi's Brandicourt mulls pulling the plug on Merck JV: Bloomberg

Back in 1994, Merck and Pasteur Merieux Connaught--now Sanofi Pasteur--teamed up on a joint venture to develop and market vaccines in Europe. Now, as Sanofi chief Olivier Brandicourt reorganizes the French pharma's operations in a cost-cutting bid, the 21-year-old partnership could be on the chopping block.

GlaxoSmithKline up-sizes its bet on Adaptimmune, racing forward with a cancer immunotherapy

GlaxoSmithKline, working with Adaptimmune on therapies that use the body's machinery to fight cancer, is sweetening the deal for its partner, promising more cash to accelerate development of a promising treatment for soft tissue sarcoma.

IBM partners with micro-cap Bionik for machine learning algorithms in robotic exoskeleton

Several companies are working on robotic exoskeletons to enable more mobility for paraplegics, but few have focused on the data that could be generated from them. Now IBM has partnered with microcap robotic exoskeleton player Bionik Laboratories to apply its machine-learning algorithms in an effort to analyze data to improve the outcomes of neurological rehabilitation.