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Latest Headlines

India's Lupin in price rise spotlight for diabetes drug in the U.S.

India's Business Standard, citing brokerage reports, said the domestic drug company Lupin has raised the price for diabetes drug Fortamet in the U.S. by 200%, though that still puts it below rival Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

India in second probe of GVK BioSciences, though scope in question

India has appointed a 6-member panel to look into GVK BioSciences in the wake of a testing scandal that has hit drug exports to the European Union for more than 700 products and raised deeper questions on quality control for pharmaceuticals from the country.

India to the rescue on U.S. drug prices in wake of Shkreli?

A story in India's Economic Times makes an apples-to-oranges suggestion that India has agreed to supply generic cancer drugs to the U.S. "at a time there is outrage in America about the predatory practices by the U.S. pharma industry, one of whose leaders is getting hammered for increasing the price of life-saving drugs by as much as 5,000% overnight."

What do multinational drug firms want from Xi-Obama summit?

China Daily  ran a series of interviews with multinational business executives about bilateral commercial expectations ahead as U.S. President Barack Obama hosts China's President Xi Jinping at the White House for an official state visit.

BMJ points up 'wide variations' in quality of data for new FDA indications

One of pharma's key strategies for growing a drug's sales is expanding into bigger groups of patients. Thing is, the BMJ contends, those follow-up studies are often less stringent than they should be.

GlaxoSmithKline's asthma injection heads for EU approval

GlaxoSmithKline got a positive opinion from European regulators on its new treatment for severe asthma, setting the stage for a likely approval later this year.

EU regulators crack down on Brazilian devicemaker for implant safety scare

European regulatory authorities are cracking down on Brazilian devicemaker Silimed, suspending sales of the company's silicone implants for plastic surgery in light of safety concerns.

U.K. cost gatekeeper gives thumbs-up to Gilead's Zydelig for CLL

Gilead Sciences has been working hard to build momentum for its cancer fighter Zydelig (idealisib), and fortunately for the company, a pricing setback in Germany didn't signal disaster elsewhere. After some initial skepticism--and a discount offer from Gilead--the U.K.'s influential cost watchdog gave its thumbs-up to the drug for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

Serum Institute of India throttles back on equity sale

The Serum Institute of India's plans to raise as much as $12 billion by offering equity in Asia's largest vaccinemaker are on hold, for now, as global market volatility stands in the way of valuation.

China-focused RuiYi starts PhI in China on autoimmune candidate RYI-008

China-focused biotech RuiYi has started a Phase I trial of autoimmune candidate RYI-008, or gerilimzumab, focused on rheumatoid arthritis in China, building on cash raised last year that was aimed at drug development in the Middle Kingdom.